WCBGC Members Visit Tallulah Falls


The Girls Scouts of the Walton County Boys & Girls Club recently visited Tallulah Falls with the annual Athens Girls Scout Retreat. In partnership with Girls Scouts of Georgia, the SMART Girls met with other troops throughout the state of Georgia in a weekend event filled with fun, laughter and fellowship. 


The girls spent the weekend participating in several different team building exercises and outdoor skill such as rope walking, log drills, canoeing and other activities that promote teamwork, leadership, and networking.  The girls also learned the basics of retiring a flag.  

 “I learned to do some things that I never knew before,” Aubrey Allen, WCBGC member shared. “It was so fun to learn new skills and meet so many new friends.”

Club Director Lynn E. Hill shared how impactful the event is for Club youth.

“This event held in north Georgia, was important for these girls of the Walton County Club because of the life lessons that were taught during the course of the event,” Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director, shared. “The girls could take away lessons on the importance of teamwork, hard work, and understanding nature. I am so glad to know these virtues are included in a weekend field trip that they truly enjoyed.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclubor call 770-207-6279.