WCBGC Celebrates its Seniors


Walton County Boys & Girls Club celebrated four of its seniors graduating. Among the graduating seniors was Club Director Lynn E. Hill’s son, Jared. 

Jared has been a member of the WCBGC for 12 years and is excited to enter into the Club Alumni program. 

I have come to realize through the Boys & Girls Club that being an alumni now gives me the opportunity to be a spokesperson for the Club and what is called the Movement,” Jared shared. “The Boys & Girls Club has been everything for me. I have truly learned that ‘Great Futures really do start here.’”


For Lynn Hill he couldn’t be prouder of his son.

I am so proud of my son Jared! I have literally watched him maneuver through the Boys & Girls Club as a Club Member, and as a parent. I witnessed how youth can be nurtured through a program and the effects that positive energy can have on a child developing through watching my own son progress through the Movement,” he shard. “He is now an alumni, and I know that the afterschool program and summer Camp works for our kids who need us the most, because I was engaged in the process with him for his duration as a life-long member of the Boys & Girls Club.

Hill shared he’s thrilled to see where each WCBGC graduate goes in their future. 

“Each Club member knows that they have a home here at our Club,” he added. 

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclubor call 770-207-6279.