Marketing Request Form

Overview of Request Timeline

Major Fundraisers: Two months prior to due date for delivery of materials.

Please make sure you have discussed your sponsorship needs, ideas and plan for Resource Development prior to requesting materials. As, this can determine the look, feel and overall scope of materials. 

Short-Term Campaigns: Flyers, posters and in-house promotional materials need to be sent in two weeks prior to delivery date of materials. Club tools are hosted in house for such materials, as well.  

Please complete the form below to request materials

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Date of Request
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Date of Event
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Materials Needed By
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Please list any details regarding the event, including specific amounts to the checked items above and description of overall look/feel of materials, if applicable. If this material request is for sponsorship items, please follow this request with high resolution pngs or vector files of the business or individuals who are sponsors. Also, please ensure all sponsors are reflected on the google spreadsheet for your event, which is created for each fundraiser. If such a sheet isn't in possession of any committee chair or board chair, please let me know and I will personally arrange it for you.
Meeting or Phone Call Time
Meeting or Phone Call Time
Like to set up a meeting or phone call to discuss event materials? Let me know a time that works for you.
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Meeting or Phone Call Day