Volunteering at PNBGC enriches community


Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club volunteer Jim Borland sees the Club as a place to give back for a positive return in the lives of the youth. After retiring from 35 years of work, Jim was ready to volunteer with youth and he knew exactly where he wanted to give his time and treasures. 

“Seeing a difference in the kids who attend the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club versus the kids who don’t attend really opens your eyes to the kind of difference that’s being made here at the Club,” Jim shared. “You can tell the Club is changing the lives of these youth daily.”

When asked about an impactful moment to choose from Borland shared how much he’s enjoyed helping during PNBGC Thursday Night Dinner Program. 

“Watching these youth enjoy each other’s company and have a good meal warms your heart,” he shared. 

Stacy McClendon, PNBGC Director, shared “Mr. Jim has done an amazing job of bringing new meal ideas that allow our youth to stay excited and engaged during our Thursday Dinners.”

“Our volunteers are so kind and humble; they love working with the Club members and it shows in these actions and behavior,” McClendon shared. “Jim is one of those volunteers. I believe it takes someone special to volunteer and spend time with our youth, to listen and share guidance.

Volunteering at the Club, for Jim, isn’t about what he will receive but “how much I can give.”

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club visit, www.bgcncg.com/petenanceor call 706-920-1400.