PNBGC Names Youth of the Month for June

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

For Club members at Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club being named Youth of the Month is a high honor. Every month a youth is recognized for modeling their leadership abilities. 

For the month of June, PNBGC named Aaron Smith and his brother Andrew Smith as Youths of the Month.

“I have watched Aaron and Andrew grow from being two shy twin boys who would only communicate with one another into these outgoing kids with a sparky personality,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “They are very involved in the Club.”

Aaron shared that his favorite program is working in the Novelis Lab on STEM projects. 

“I like the Novelis Lab because Ms. Ardra helps me with homework and allows us to do math problems on the board,” he shared. “I’ve been learning this year that it’s ok to be myself, always.”

PNBGC Youth Development Professional, Ms Ardra, echoed Aaron’s enthusiasm. 

“He’s always willing to go the extra mile on the drop of a dime,” she shared. 

His brother Andrew also favors the Novelis Lab. 

“It’s fun going into the lab and working on new projects,” he shared. “This year my most impactful moment has been reading with the K9 Angels. They helped me with my Milestones testing and to become more confident in reading.”

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