WCBGC Parent Involvement Highlight

Parental Engagement-Jurnee Day.jpg

Journey Clay has a wonderful family. A family who stays involved with the work that she and her older brother, Victor, does at the Boys & Girls Club.  She is shown displaying a piece of artwork that her and her mother did together, as the Future Georgia Educators also came and set up a time for parents and Club members to can enjoy.  Mrs. Brenda Clay, Journey’s mother, stated that she wanted everyone to see the good things that the Club is doing with the Club Members, and that she was so happy to be a part of it.   She doesn’t want to miss anything that gives the parents an opportunity to get involved.                      

Parental Involvement.jpg

Kamrynn Garner and Darien Lancaster are just two of several Club Members who have had parents come to the Club for a visit in participation of Club projects held in the Art Room. Mrs. Lancaster, center, supervises the production of flower pot decoration and flowers created by her son, Darien, provided by the Monroe Junior Service League of Monroe. Beside Kamrynn Garner, is Billy Lewis, Jr., who just finished a presentation with his mother on Autism Awareness Month, with a concluding activity of flower planting to show how members with autism and express and perceive things differently.