Creative Arts brings 'lights, camera, action' to Walton Club

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For Tranteegus Allen ensuring youth have a bright future is a motto she lives out as the founder of Desflo, Inc – a nonprofit which helps invest in youth through the arts. 

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When Allen heard of the Walton Boys & Girls Club, she knew that a partnership had to be formed. And this is where the Creative Arts Project was born for Club youth. 

For over three months now Allen has been volunteering at WCBGC teaching the youth “how to create film projects through creative arts lenses.”

“This will successfully influence youth to gain knowledge in the specific area of film-making, which promotes literacy and positive youth development,” she shared. “The Creative Art Project is a program that encourages the imagination of original ideas and artistic work of talented youth, which also promotes literacy, self-awareness, self-expression and stage presence.”

Lynn E. Hill, the Club’s director, couldn’t be more thrilled about the new program at the Club. 

“I can see the impact that she is already making with the Club Members,” he said. “Her stage play experience and the promotion of self-awareness gives them something to look forward to. Her passion and love for youth launches her above the rest and our Club members benefit greatly from her leadership.”

For Allen this partnership is about caring for our future generations. 

“Dr. Seuss puts it like this… ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not,” she shared. “Our aim through the partnership is that the youth enjoy the positive activities and heed to the necessary structure and discipline these sessions will require. The sky is the only limit in achievement for these bright individuals.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit call 770-207-6279.