PNBGC Participates in Elks Lodge Soccer Shoot Out

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The Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club participated in the Elks’ Lodge Soccer Shoot that was hosted at the Greene County Recreation Department. 

Club members were able to participate in weekly sessions with Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club Board Member, Bill Graden. 

“Our staff really worked hard, alongside our board members, to ensure our youth were preparing to compete with the best of their abilities,” Brad Parr, PNBGC Director said. “Our PNBGC Program Manager, Diedra Richbow, worked hand-in-hand with our board member Mr. Graden. She organized the weekly sessions, purchased waters to promote hydration, and assisted with logistics the day of the big event. Ms. Diedra was also assisted by Ms. Asia Mitchell, who is the Teen Center Director for the Club.”

Bob Pluto of the Elks’ Lodge, Parr said, also was “gracious enough to create goals and use them to work with the Club members as they practiced their shooting fundamentals.”

As a result, the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club had 3 second place winners in their age groups and 1 first place winner. 

“It was evident this was a team effort that resulted in some soccer fun. The Club members were also able to enjoy cooking out with students and adults from all over Greensboro during the event,” he said. “The Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club would like to thank the Elks’ Lodge and Greene County Recreation Department for their organizing of this event.”

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 706-920-1400.