Former NBA Player Visits MMBGC


“I’m here today to speak to you because someone spoke to me.” Terrence Davis, founder of Elevated Minds Learning & Technology shared with MMBGC Club members. He then begins to circle around the room – “what do you want to be when you grow up?” he asks club members.

“Air force, NFL, Doctor, Actor, Club Director” and many more were among the answers he received.

Davis, a former NBA basketball player, knows all too well the power of knowledge and education.

Coaches and peers started noticing Davis’ talent at a young age. He was surrounded by two options – take the easy way to basketball stardom or get his education first.

After hearing from a middle school coach, he knew the answer.


“Whatever you want to be what do you have to do first?” he asks club members. “Go to college,” he says.

In order to make it to the NBA you have to graduate high school, go to college and get a degree, Davis tells the youth. “Those subjects you aren’t so good at, practice at them.”

The most important piece of advise he offered the youth – “separate yourself from people who deter you from your vision.”

“Education is everything,” he said. “People can never take away what you learn. When I stopped playing basketball. I started my own company to help others in reading and math because of what I had learned in school.”

Davis ended his talk with the MMBGC youth with “always, always strive for your best.”