Walton County Boys & Girls Receives Lowe's Heroes Makeover


Partnership for Bright Futures

Lowe’s Partners with local Boys & Girls Club to grow bright futures

On the first day of a week long Lowe’s Hero Project at Walton County Boys & Girls Club, Sheila Sheorn felt a tug at her pants leg.

“A young girl probably about eight years old, grabbed my pants leg and looked up at me to say, ‘thank you so much for painting our walls.’ I wanted to melt right there,” she said.

This year WCBGC was the recipient of a weeklong Lowe’s Hero Project, which focused on a number of tasks inside and outside the club in need of repairs. The impact of the build was two fold.

Sheorn heard rumblings from both the club youth and it’s employees.

“I heard employees talking about how our projects made them even prouder to be here. That felt so good. It means so much to see the impact,” she said. “What a gift they have in staff here. Mr. Hill, the program director, he knows each kids name and greets them individually in a special way.”

Before this project, Sheila said she really didn’t understand what the Boys & Girls Club did, but now she wants people to know that this environment is more than an afterschool day care – it’s life changing.

“This is an experience for these kids,” she said. “They’re getting life lessons here. Honestly, I’m not sure who’s more touched this week – the kids or our staff from Lowe’s.”

Jazmyn Lavge, another Heroes Project participant from Lowe’s, was so moved the day she worked at the club that she signed up to volunteer.

“This motivates me. I wish I was there age, so I could learn and be supported how these club member’s are being taught,” Lavge said. 

Loganville Lowe’s Store Manager, Brandon Favia, said he’s learned a lot about what BGCA does and is excited to help Walton County’s club even further in the future.

Walton County Boys & Girls Club is a part of Boys & Girls Club of North Central Georgia. For more information or to donate, visit www.bgcncg.com. If you’d like to get involved with Walton County Boys & Girls Club, call 770-207-6279.