Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club Funds "First Tee" Initiative


Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club members will soon have the opportunity to learn the game of golf through a nation-wide program called The First Tee thanks to the Club’s most recent fundraiser.

“We are thrilled that through the generosity of Canon and twenty caring people at our recent Charles Baldwin Hope and Promise Golf Tournament on May 31, we are now able to launch this program,” MMBGC Advisory Board Co-Chair Nancy Vaughn.

The initiative fits perfectly with the Club’s goals to provide new and enriching experiences for its members, she said.

“The core values that the program teaches are honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment,” Vaughn shared. “These values will serve our members so well on and off the course.”

Chase Stephens, a Madison resident and owner of Chase Stephens State Farm, will be leading this new program for the Club.

An avid golf lover and player, Stephens is excited to introduce a new sport and atmosphere to learn.

“Golf is a difficult game and with that you have to be mentally strong. My hope would be these kids can learn a lot about themselves and what they need to work on while at the same time implementing honesty, integrity and sportsmanship and all other attributes the game can teach,” he shared. “ I look forward to introducing something new to the kids. This is a game that an individual can be successful even when they are not the best.  You are only competing against yourself to get better, physically and mentally. Most of all it needs to be fun.”

And, fun is what the Club is all about explained Karen Robertson, MMBGC Senior Executive Director.

“We always look for ways to incorporate fun while learning, and First Tee will give Club kids a new, engaging and competitive sport, while instilling skills, and maybe even a new hobby, that can be carried over into adulthood and perhaps a career.”

Robertson said “in order for young people to become productive, caring and contributing adults, they must have exposure to life-changing activities and experiences that can help them develop and build good character.”

“That is exactly what the First Tee Program will do for our Club kids. It will equip young people with the tools and strategies they need to exercise good judgement, be honest and show integrity when presented with challenges in life.”

MMBGC Advisory Board Co-chair Connie Bryans is looking forward to the youth’s ability to travel and meet others outside of their community through The First Tee program.

“Students and golfers can develop meaningful relationships through golf. I hope golfers in the community will embrace the program,” she said. “We are so grateful for the sponsors of our Golf Tournament for giving so generously to our cause. The impact will be felt for years to come.”

If you’re interested in volunteering for The First Tee program or desire to learn more about MMBGC, visit our volunteer page call 706-342-1117.