Citgo ‘Fuels the Future’ for Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club


It’s a simple act. We do it every day, as we commute to our jobs or take the kids to soccer practice. We pump gas into our vehicles, so we can keep our lives moving. But what if we used the fuel we pumped into our vehicles to keep our lives going to also fuel the future of the youth in Morgan County?

This is a question local Citgo Gas Station owner, Mike Chawla and the Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club began to ask – from there a partnership was formed to fuel the future through gas pump sales.

Kicking off this Monday, April 9 at the Citgo Food Mart located off of I-20, the MMBGC will benefit from proceeds of pump purchases for the next eight weeks.

A kick off celebration will begin at noon at the I-20 location with MMBGC Club members and Citgo team members hand-in-hand.

Mike Chawla says this partnership has been a long-time coming. His business is run by his family, so securing children’s future is something the entire Chawla family aspires to do.

“We have been a part of this wonderful community for several years now and wanted to give back in a way in which every citizen would benefit from it,” he shared. “We wanted to choose an organization that helps children because children’s charities have always been on top of our list!”

Where did the search lead them for local Children’s efforts?

Maidson-Morgan Boys & Girls Club.

Karen Robertson, Senior Executive Club Director for MMBGC, is beyond excited for this initiative. Community partnerships like this are one of the “life-bloods” of how we continue to serve our youth!

“We are excited to be joining Citgo to support sustaining quality youth development programming at our local Club, she said. “Corporations, like Citgo, help us deepen the impact of our mission to serve more deserving youth in the community.”

The Club’s impact is noticeable to Mike, as the impact is helping a child develop today and the future become brighter for future generations too.

“If you help shape the future of a child in a positive way, he or she not only becomes a positive addition to the community, but as an adult gives back to the same community which in turn helps to keep a beautifully nurtured and beneficial cycle going,” he said.
“We believe that the MMBGC is a safe have for kids after school where they are in a loving environment enriching their lives! They grow as individuals learning exploring and having fun all under one roof!”

Because Citgo is a nationally well-known company we can reach out to so many more people. Whether it be locals who visit our business every day or travelers coming through, everyone will have an opportunity to give back, Mike shared.

The hope for Mike is that the relationship between Citgo and MMBGC will go far. He said that Citgo and MMBGC have continued to brainstorm past this effort to insure the relationship does continue. and we have brainstormed other ways of helping our local youth

“We look forward to this very exciting time for Morgan county and the MMBGC.”

For Bob Mackey, CEO & President of Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, this new partnership will be the beginning of a longtime fruitful relationship with Citgo, as “together we create great futures.”

“This partnership means so much to us and more importantly to our youth, who will benefit from the generosity of Citgo and the patrons of Morgan County,” he said. “Partnerships, like this, fuel our mission to reach as many children, especially those who need us the most, to become productive citizens who give back.”

To participate in Citgo’s Fuel the Future, visit these two locations Citgo food mart, located at 1960 Eatonton Road or Rainbow Food Store, located at 4001 Athens Hwy. Both locations are located in Madison and while you’re there, be sure to use the social hashtag #fuelthefuture, as MMBGC and BGCNCG Facebook pages will be re-sharing your support photos.

To learn more about Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club, call 706-342-1117 or visit