Damien Horne Set To Inspire

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National Recording Artist to visit Madison

Boys & Girls Club alumni Damien Horne believes in the power of storytelling and he’s spent his career writing those stories in song. On September 19 he’ll bring those stories to life in his one-man show full of music, storytelling, laughter and ultimately a message of purpose. 

He’ll play at the James Madison Conference Center at 11:30 AM for a fundraiser benefiting the Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club.

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"We are all designed uniquely different. And if we tap into who we are, we shine,” Horne shares in his Rise and Shine performance. “The great thing about shining is when you do that you liberate other people to do the same thing."

Horne is an award-winning national recording artist, who has touched the lives of thousands with his heartfelt personal journey. Horne has showcased his act “Rise and Shine” multiple times across Ted Talk stages across the country. 


But his life didn’t always feature music making and meaning making through spoken word. Horne spent a period of his life homeless on the streets busking for income. He was determined to become something through his craft.

Horne happened to be playing when John Rich of Big & Rich passed by and asked him to come to his house for a round of musicians. From there, Horne was signed to MuzikMafia receiving a publishing deal.

Damien has played and recorded with countless acts, such as John Legend, Big & Rich, Lady Antebellum and more. 

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On September 19 Damien will bring his popular show to Madison to inspire and help those in attendance unlock their difference maker for the good of the community. 

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Tickets for Damien Horne Performs are on sale now at For more information you can call the MMBGC at 706-342-1117.

Damien Horne Ted Talk


Duck Derby Huge Success for BGCNCG


“Do you think your rubber duck will be the winner” was a common question heard at Porterdale’s Yellow River Park Saturday, as folks enjoyed the second annual Duck Derby hosted by Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia.

Several attended the event to watch over 2,300-rubber ducks float along the Yellow River in a race for $10,000 at the finish line. 


BGCNCG’s summer fundraiser was in partnership with the City of Porterdale and raises funds for youth served in Newton, Greene, Morgan and Walton counties. 

Spectators gathered early to get a place in line to watch the ducks drop, as well as grab last minute lucky ducks for the big race. Youth from the newly opened Newton County Boys & Girls Club helped pep up the crowd as they greeted spectators with Howard the Duck. 


 As the duck launch approached, spectators made their way to the riverbank to watch the race. A large gasp and cheers could be heard as the ducks dropped into the Yellow River for the race of a lifetime. 


Once the finish line was crossed and the winning ducks were pulled, it was time for a grand prize winner announcement.

This year’s $10,000 grand prize winner is Jerry Schonhoft. On Sunday Jerry received his winning phone call and was in shock.

“I was shocked. I’ve never won anything in my life. I was with my grandson, as he was getting a tennis lesson when Bob Mackey gave me a call,” Schonhoft shared. “I remember buying the ticket from Jim Liebeck (Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club board member) and thinking the odds weren’t going to be in my favor, but here I am.”

Schonhoft shared his family is going to be in shock when he gets home with his grand prize check.

“I’m just thrilled,” he added. “I always thought that the Boys & Girls Club was a great place and I really think it’s a great place now.

For Bob Mackey, President and CEO of BGCNCG, watching the North Central Georgia join together to support its youth is inspiring for the future.

“During the event I watched as people met one another and shared their reason for being present. Overwhelmingly the response was ‘or the youth.’ Mackey shared. “It takes a village to ensure our youth become productive citizens while learning life skills they’ll need to be successful. We are so grateful to the community’s relentless support of our mission. The gift you provided our youth with your support will continue to ripple effect in these youth’s lives for years to come.”

Jerry Schonhoft wasn’t the only winner from Duck Derby!

Four other community members took home prizes from the event. Jim Borland won a golf adventure to The Oaks Golf Course, Robert Witchor won Your Pie for a year and Jerry Evans won an iPad mini.

Overall, the event was a success for BGCNCG.

“June (Tompkins’ wife) and I had a big time making new friends and laughing with old friends,” Michael Tompkins, BGCNCG Corporate Board Chair, shared. “The magical benefit was watching our kids, parents and supporters come together dancing and sharing in a fun event.”


Porterdale was happy to host the second annual Duck Derby event.

“The Duck Derby is such a creative way of raising funds for an important cause, allowing the young people of the community to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The City of Porterdale, couldn’t have been more pleased to support the 2ndDuck Derby,” Josephine Kelly, Downtown Development Director, said.“There was a happy enthusiastic crowd in attendance and with the dedicated effort of the Boys and Girls Club and the Porterdale Public Works Department, the event was a great success.”

Mackey added that without great sponsors, such as presenting sponsor Canon and the City of Porterdale for allowing the organization to partner with them – this event wouldn’t have been as successful. 

“The real winners of this event are our youth!”

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia serves over 1,500 youth in North Central Georgia. 

If you’d like to learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia or are interested in getting involved on a local level, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 770-267-8034.


BGCNCG Welcomes Barnesville-Lamar to the Movement

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Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia celebrated the ground breaking of its newest Club site located in Barnesville, Georgia. Barnesville-Lamar Boys & Girls Club is set to open January 13, 2020 and will serve ages 6 - 18 of Lamar county. 


The Club’s steering committee, along with Lamar county residents and officials, planted their golden shovels into the soil marking the beginning of BLBGC’s journey to become a fully operational Club in 2020. 

“Ten years from now this Club will be a gift that will truly keep on giving. The dedication behind this effort that’s made this ground breaking possible today – and moving forward - will change the environment, trajectory and outlook of youth in Lamar County,” Bob Mackey, President & CEO of BGCNCG shared. “On behalf of the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, we’d like to congratulate your steering committee on the steps taken to change lives forever.”

Joe Edwards, president of United Bank, longtime supporter of Lamar County youth and steering committee chairman of Barnesville-Lamar Boys & Girls Club, shared his excitement to be opening a Club with Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia. 


“Soon it will be five decades that my family and I have been in Lamar county. I’ve worked on a lot of civic projects in those years, but never have I witnessed such a unified support,” Edwards shared. “The county commission is with us, the school board is with us, the Rotatory Club is with us – I’ve never seen so much support and encouragement and we’re here today committing to the youth because of that support.” 

Ron Smith, Lamar County School Board member, added to Edwards’ sentiments.

“We feel very blessed to live in a community like ours with such support for our kids,” Smith said. “We are making a great opportunity available today. A place for kids to be kids, but also a place where they can be guided into adulthood.”

Michael Tompkins, BGCNCG Corporate Board Chairman, concluded that this new addition will continue to give youth “a hand up.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s amazing what we’re doing with these youth,” he said. “We’re giving these kids the tools to access the greatness in this country.”


Boys & Girls Clubs are essential places where youth can develop skills, make lasting connections with mentors, and achieve great futures. Since youth have different experiences and learning styles, Boys & Girls Clubs never take a single approach to helping youth succeed. It takes caring individuals to provide a safe place, and quality programs. This ensures that all youth have a brighter future. 

BLBGC will provide young people a fun, safe and educational space with a fostering environment where they can be who they are—and become who they are meant to be.

To learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, visit To learn more about how you can become involved in the Barnesville-Lamar Boys & Girls Club, call 770-267-8034 or visit their Facebook @BLBGC. 

MMCBGC Names July Youth of the Month 


 For Club members at Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club being named Youth of the Month is a high honor. Every month a youth is recognized for modeling their leadership abilities. 

For the month of July, MMCBGC named Jemoriyai ‘Mo’ Colbertas Youth of the Month.

“Mo is a beautiful picture of what strength and resilience look like when the two are joined,” Karen Robertson, Senior Executive Director shared. “Mo walks in the Club each day greeting the staff with a warm smile and hug that reminds me of why the work we do is so important. It has reconnected me to the mission of the Boys & Girls Club as I watch Mo take on leadership and showing initiative in the Club.”  

Mo shared that her favorite program this summer is Brain Gain.

"When I'm at the Club I learn new things, such as new words and their meaning during Brain Gain,” she shared. “I also learn about new careers when we have speakers come to the Club and I have fun."

Mo shared she also enjoys the hip hop dance program, which was a collaboration with Pointe of Grace Dance Academy by Katie Anderson, owner of Pointe of Grace.  

“I love music and love to dance, so the Hip Hop dance class gives me a chance to do that with my friends,” she added.

MMCBGC volunteer and mentor to Mo, Chris Hodges, shared how he feels Mo’s confidence has tripled.

“The characteristics that she is exhibiting are indicative of her experiences at the Boys & Girls Club,” he shared. “She is showing an interest in growing her leadership skills and the Boys & Girls Club offers her an opportunity to learn about the universe!”

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club, visit call 706-342-1117.





MMCBGC Golf Tournament Continues First Tee Program

Community Plays for our Youth 


 The hum of golf carts and laughter could be heard at Lane Creek Golf Club recently, as community members celebrated the life of Charles W. Baldwin and helped raise funds for the Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club. 


The Charles W. Baldwin Memorial Hope & Promise Golf Tournament helps to facilitate funds for the MMCBGC’s The First Tee program, which was launched last year thanks to last year’s successful fundraiser. 

This year the Club’s aim was to grow its golf program to provide an even wider reach for youth in the community. Twenty-two golf teams took to the Lane Creek Golf Club course for a modified scramble tournament to do just that – help the youth.

At the conclusion of the tournament a winning team was named, which was comprised of Ross Bradly, Alex Johnson, John Steer and Chris Hubbard. 


“We are so grateful to every player and every sponsor who gave their time and treasures to our youth,” Karen Robertson, Senior Executive Director shared. “Our Club members had the opportunity to participate in this year’s tournament whether by volunteering or playing with a team. It’s incredible to see how our community continues to surround our youth to create bright futures.”

Robertson added she’s thrilled to see The First Tee program continue to grow at the Club. 


“We always look for ways to incorporate fun while learning, and First Tee will give Club kids a new, engaging and competitive sport, while instilling skills, and maybe even a new hobby, that can be carried over into adulthood and perhaps a career,” she said.

Robertson said “in order for young people to become productive, caring and contributing adults, they must have exposure to life-changing activities and experiences that can help them develop and build good character.”

If you’re interested in volunteering for The First Tee program or desire to learn more about MMCBGC, visit call 706-342-1117.


BGCNCG CEO Named Top 10 Emerging Leaders by B&G of GA


One encounter with Bob Mackey, whether personally or professional, will leave you feeling like a more vibrant human being. He’s in the business of making positive impacts from his smile, candid posture, community involvement and dedication to the youth of Boys & Girls Club – it’s difficult to not become a fan of the work Boys & Girls Clubs does after meeting Bob Mackey. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Georgia saw this potential and named Mackey one of its ten Emerging Leaders for the past year. The Emerging Leader program is a year-long program designed to develop leadership potential within individuals that are ready to take on executive leadership roles within Boys & Girls Clubs. Ten professionals were named out of nearly one hundred professionals to be an Emerging Leader. The competitive program brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who have demonstrated a strong potential for leadership and commitment to Boys & Girls Clubs. 

“Bob Mackey is a great example of what this program is all about. Before Bob officially graduated from the program, he had taken on the role of CEO for Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia,” said Paula Mackelburg, Director of Organizational Development for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. “We are proud of the work that Bob has accomplished since taking on his new role! To know how the organization functioned before his leadership makes me even more trustworthy and dedicated to the high-functioning leadership skills Bob possesses. Bob is a robust leader; he builds strong relationships and is coalescing the organization to deepen the impact in the lives of so many young people.” 

For over 15 years, Bob Mackey has been busy at work creating togetherness of change for the North Central Region, Metro Atlanta and beyond. Colleagues and community members refer to him as the impetus of motivation and youth development. 

If you ask Bob, he’ll tell you that “you can’t do this type of work and not make internal changes.” Mackey has stood before new and existing organized initiatives, eager youth advocates, absent businesses and corporations, collegiate institutions and various nonprofit organizations who’ve all have developed a vested interest in making their communities a better place. Even during his tenure working for the Department of Juvenile Justice, Mackey took a strong interest in providing rehabilitation services for the youth and communities by leading local rehabilitation projects for troubled teens. 

Mackey has been with Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia for over ten years. His career in the Movement of Boys & Girls Clubs began as a volunteer, which quickly turned into a part-time job and now he’s responsible for empowering and leading over 100 employees, while providing hope & promise to the youth served. 

For Mackey, surrounding yourself with strong leadership is key to growth and wise council. Mackey notes such leaders as David Roark, Michael Geoffroy, Connie Byrans, Michael Tompkins, Horace Johnson, Brenda Coleman, Tony McCullar, Claude Grizzard, Nancy Vaughn, the late Dick Hodgetts, Harris Warbington, Fred Perriman, Mike Conrads, Joe Edwards, Von Friesen, Babs Johnston, Tom Jones, and many others. 

Mackey’s accomplishments as an Emerging Leader and all-around Youth Advocate are vast. After reading a recent study about how youth who weren’t working or in school, Mackey identified $20,000 from government relations to provide funding to employee teens during the summer and after-school program. As a result, BGCNCG doubled its number of working teens at BGC.  In 2014, he received a nomination as a Champion of Change from The White House Initiative. On a National level, he serves on a committee for the screening of National programs, has twice chaired State-wide professional development conferences for over 1000 BGC Club professionals, and has created initiatives to combat summer learning loss for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Recently, he was recognized for completing the School of Executive Leadership from the BGCA Spillett Leadership University and Michigan Ross School of Business. 

“The Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia is not your typical Boys & Girls Club. With the rapidly shifting environment and youth crime peaking daily, new initiatives and programs are vital,” Mackey said. “Pool tables and basketballs are no longer enough to keep kids engaged, safe and productive. The village and landscape look completely different from 20 years ago. The fight to give our youth a chance starts with an opportunity to learn, encouraged parent engagement, community partnerships, a safe & fun place, and a focus on teen development.” 

Mackey noted as an organization, BGCNCG has faced “many challenges.” Today, BGCNCG is in great hands according to BGCNCG Advisory Board Chairman Michael Tompkins.

“I must say that North Central Georgia is in great hands. Having a strong and competent leader makes a difference. For our 2018 financial audit, our organization received no financial findings. We’ve made several great improvements and adjustments to better serve the Clubs and youth in our region,” Tompkins shared. “Our board is vested in raising the dollars needed to ensure that the youth we serve have that fighting chance to grab hold of hope and enter into opportunity. The community support we’ve gained is stronger than ever. Our supporters can see and feel the difference. Our parents value the Boys & Girls Club. We’ve promised not to promise but to provide an opportunity to impact our youth. We mean what we say and say what we mean. Great Futures Start with Great Leaders and Great Futures Start at the Boys & Girls Club.” 

Since Mackey became CEO of BGCNCG, the organization has achieved the following results:

·      Provided 18,0000 of hours of after-school development for ages 6-18

·      40+ youth, ages 14-18 received their first job at the Boys & Girls Club during the summer months

·      Increased voluntarism for Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia by 80% and now have over 250 volunteers

·      100% percent of teens who attend our program at least three times a week graduated on time

·      300 youth in our service area learned the game of golf through Boys & Girls Club 

·      Expanded our service area to include Newton County

·      Provided after school and summer program services to over 1300 youth in 2018

·      Increased individual giving by 70% amongst first-time supporters of the movement

·      0 teen pregnancies in 2018 

Currently, BGCNGC serves over 300 teens org-wide.

These results only are a snapshot of the difference that the Boys & Girls Club is making under the leadership of Bob Mackey. 

The late Dick Hodgetts wrote of Bob Mackey, “When Bob Mackey completes his journey, we all can take pride in what he has brought to us.” 

Mackey wants to leave an open invitation to the community to take part in a 10-hour challenge by volunteering at your local Boys & Girls Club. “Less than one hour per month can make a huge impact,” he said. “We need you! Our youth need you, so we can count on each other.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia serve Greene, Morgan, Putnam, Walton and Newton Counties with world-class Youth Development Professionals creating an environment which fosters hope & opportunity for all youth. To learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 770-267-8034. 


This & That Donates $500 toward youth!


Local Business Gives Back to Club youth

 This & That Breakfast recently donated $500 to the Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club. This & That owner, left from center, said her donation is in effort to continue the momentous work the Club is providing for the youth of Morgan County. This & That Breakfast is located in Eatonton, Ga. To learn more about MMCBGC visit, or call 706-342-1117.


Volunteer threads kindness with sewing


Morgan County Boys & Girls Club volunteer Lori Hume believes in the magic that happens inside the Club. She’s been volunteering now for five months and leads EPIC Sewing, a new initiative at the Club. Hume is also an Advisory board member for MMC.

“I enjoy being a board member and being involved with the club’s programs because it allows me to be more engaged with the youth, she shared.”

For Lori, being a part of EPIC Sewing has allowed he to see how cultivating relationships with youth lead to “to positive impacts.”

 “I really like Mrs. Lori in her sewing class,” Sumyla Hunter, MMC member, shared. “I learned how to use a needle and sew neatly. It’s been fun to tell my family about what I’m learning at the Club.”

Tabitha Lowe, MMCBGC Program Coordinator, said, “Lori has given the members a new outlook on a possible career field. She’s brought an elegant touch to the club.”

Lowe said that Club members have looked forward to their sewing class each week. 

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club visit, or call 706-342-1117.

Sewing in Character at MMC


With thread and willingness to learn, Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club members have been sewing in character with their new program EPIC Sewing. 

Club members are learning to express themselves through sewing, as well as practicing hand-eye coordination.


“This program helps engages our members, while helping them embrace their creative side in learning a new skill,” Tabitha Lowe, MMCBGC Program Coordinator shared. “Recently the members have been working on creating their own trinket holder with volunteers.”

For Club member Kernan Edwards working with EPIC’s lead volunteer, Lori Hume, has been a treat. 

“Ms. Lori was very fun and she made the class easy to learn from,” she said.  I was so happy when we finished our sewing project because I could take it home and show my family.” 

A highlight for Tabitha Lowe in the creation of this program was watching “members discover a creative side they previously didn’t know existed and then achieving new skills.”

For program leader and volunteer, Lori Hume, participating in this program is equally enriching.

“I truly enjoyed doing this program. I could see how this program made the members happy and intrigued,” she said. “It's so important to create lifelong experiences for the members and possible careers for them as well.”

Due to the success of this program during the fall season, EPIC Sewing will be offered to youth during the summer. 

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club visit, or call 706-342-1117.

BGCNCG Youth Named Semi-Finalist at State Comp


Griggs “shines” a message of positivity 

Ricquaria Griggs believes in empowering others – it’s a message she’s been spreading since joining Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club in 2012. It was there within the walls of her Boys & Girls Club that she found her inner voice and confidence to start sharing her positivity. And, it was on stage at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Georgia Youth of the Year competition she heard her inner voice say, “I’m here.”


‘Here’ was hearing her name being called as a semi-finalist in the state-wide competition, where she competed against more than 30 youth from Georgia Clubs. 

The statewide competition was a three-day competition, which consisted of interviews, essays and speeches focusing on how Boys & Girls Clubs impacted the youth.

For Griggs, the impact was easy to name – “the Club taught me to love myself and how I can in return take that love and give it to my community.”


And even though she didn’t take home the title of state-wide Youth of the Year, Griggs keeps echoing two words, “I’m here.”

“After the winner was announced a fellow Youth of the Year said to me, ‘but, I’m here’ and I couldn’t help but reflect on the meaning of those two words for my life and my future,” she shared. “Wherever I am meant to be and whatever I am truly meant to pursue, I will get there because I was here – because this Club and organization believed in me and because I believed in myself.”

Among those gathered to support Ricquaria was Greene County High School Principal, James Peek, who shared his excitement in her successes. 

“It has been a tremendous experience attending this Youth of the Year ceremony. We at Greene County High School are very proud of Ricquaria’s accomplishments,” he shared. “She is an outstanding student and tremendous leader in our community. I know that she is on the path to do great things in the future.”

For Mike Conrads, a Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia advisory board member and donor toward the Youth of the Year program, watching Ricquaria grow was an immense honor to participate in. 


“Shine is the word – Ricquaria is amazing,” he shared. “She’s such a great representative and she truly has her act together. She knows where she’s going, so humble and just a wonderful spirit. It’s been wonderful to watch her grow through this last year.”

Conrads added, “She’s going to be a superstar in the future – she already is.”

“She’s going to be leader and she is going to come back to our community and give back – that’s her.”


During the course of the last year, Ricquaria was been named Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year, as well as the organization wide Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia Youth of the Year. Her accomplishments are marked by her unrelenting dedication to grow as a leader, as well as an individual. 

Bob Mackey, President & CEO of BGCNCG, said “We are so proud of Ricquaria. She truly lives and breathes our mission statement in her own community efforts to ensure every youth reaches their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

“Her accomplishments also echo our core commitment to continue fostering great futures for our youth in North Central, as this marks the second year a youth from our organization was named a semi-finalist in this competition,” he added. “We’re also so grateful for the individuals who helped prepare Ricquaria for this competition. Thank you, Linda and Mike Conrads, June and Michael Tompkins, Terressa and Kim Jensen for helping prep her for the sessions.”


For Ricquaria, her future is bright and sure to be something “amazing.”

“Because of my local Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club and the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, I was given the opportunity to share my story and inspire others along the way,” she shared. “I now have the confidence to keep striving to be successful. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me because I know it is going to be something amazing!”

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Youth of the Year recognition program empowers young people to reach their full potential by providing youth with access to the tools they need to build the great futures they imagine.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia’s vision is to provide a world-class experience that assures success is within reach of every young person who enters its doors.

For more information or to donate, visit If you’d like to get involved, please contact 770-267-8034. 


MMBGC member shares Club experience

Celebrating Club Members


Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Clubcelebrates its members and their accomplishments. This month the Club is highlighting new member, Kemaya B.

Kemaya recently joined the Basketball league at MMBGC and has enjoyed getting to meet new friends. 

“I’ve been learning this year how to be nice, kind and respectful,” she shared. “The Club staff are so easy to talk to when you’re struggling with homework or a personal issue. They’re always here for you.”

Karen Robertson, Senior Executive Club Director, said she’s seen Kemaya blossom since coming to the Club.

““I have noticed that Kemaya B. has been growing in character leadership since she has learned the BGC Way,” Karen said. “She’s truly committed to becoming a leader here.”

For Tabitha Lowe, MMBGC Program Coordinator, watching a youth grow at the Club is a joy.

“Kemaya B.  has a great personality and is excited about being at the Club,” she said. “I saw her very involved and engaged in basketball practice and Smart Girls Club. We want our youth to grow into who they are meant to become and help foster their desires here.”

Volunteer, Caitlin O., sees the intention of the MMBGC programming. 

“I enjoy helping and watching Kemaya leadership skills. Since the time I began volunteering, Kemaya embodies how impactful all programs are to members here at the Club.”

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 706-342-1117.


MMBGC Parent Dance Program Kicks Off!

Dance Program Kicks Off


 For the month of February, you might have heard the music a little bit louder than usual at the Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club. To kick off Heart Healthy month, MMBGC invited Club parents in for a Dance class all month long.

 “We wanted our parents to come to the Club, have a fun time learning and engage with our staff members,” Tabitha Lowe, MMBGC Program Director shared. “Our Club members loved having their parents in the Club and enjoyed watching their parents set aside reservations to jump in line and learn to dance to different styles.”

 For Shontell W., a Club parent, the dance class was a thrill.

 “I am enjoying every bit of this class because I am learning how to use my feet and my body in direction that I never could before,” she shared. “This class has really brought our Club moms together and I’ve gained new friends, which I hear my child share with me all the time –  ‘I made a new friend.’”

 “We really wanted our parents to see first-hand the kind of bonding and learning goes on inside our Clubs by offering the experience to them,” Tabitha shared. 

 “I have noticed that parents look forward to the class every week and that they recognize that this class helps them physically, emotionally, and mentally,” she added. “It’s been such a joy to teach this class alongside our parents.”

 To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 706-342-1117.




MMBGC Club Alumni: "This Club is Family to me"

Why Volunteering at her Club matters


For former Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club member, Artelia B., coming back to volunteer at her local Club reminds her about the joys of being apart of the Boys & Girls Club movement. 

“I was a Club member for four years,” she shared. “This place taught me how to be a successful adult by helping hone in on my skills to showcase interests I could have in my future. I’ve excited to be a part of that teaching for the youth here today.”

If Artelia had to choose one word to describe the atmosphere of the Club she would choose “family.”

“When I was here as a Club member, my Club felt like my family and they helped me to surprise myself with the achievements I accomplished here,” she shared. “While I’m here volunteering, I’ll be focusing on helping Club members with their homework, confidence and assisting with our Smart Girls Program, which empowers our young girls within our Club.”

Tabitah Lowe, Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club Program Director, said having Ms. Artelia back in the Club is a joyous sight to see.  

“When we have Club members here, we always share how you’re a Club member for life – and you are,” she shared. “We care about the whole child and their development into adulthood and how we may support them as an adult. She’s been giving important insights to our members during our Smart Girls Program that I know these young women will never forget. This is what our movement is about – creating the next generation of productive adults giving back!”

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 706-342-1117.




Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club: January Highlights


Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club

Karen Robertson, Senior Executive Club Director

January has been an enriching month at the Club and we’re thrilled to have introduced several new programs to our Club youth. We are also looking for new and exciting ways to provide hope & opportunity to our youth in Morgan County. Over the course of this year, you’ll be able to read about these programs and hear from our youth on the impact their making here in our Movement Newsletter. Be sure to stay plugged into our Facebook as we post the daily on-goings of our Club life. As always we are so grateful to the wonderful community support we receive to continue our mission of enabling all youth to have the tools to become productive adults. A special thank you for Dr. Jep Paschal of Paschal Orthodontics for his $10,000 gift to our Club. 


MMCBGC Passport to Manhood enriches Young Men


Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club has kicked off a new program for boys ages 8 to 14, which reinforces character, leadership and positive behavior. Passport to Manhood is comprised of 14 sessions that use interactive activities, such as tying a tie, to focus on a specific aspect of character and manhood. It also includes a service project where boys learn the importance of giving back to the community. 


“Starting Passport to Manhood has been such a fun and exciting program for our boys to engage with,” Tabitha Lowe, MMBGC Program Coordinator shared. “This program matters because our Club youg men are the next generation and it is important to make a positive change in their life, so they can make a positive impact in others.”

Lowe said the boys have been learning how to properly dress, give back to their local community, work together and greet one another. 

“I’ve been enjoying Passport to Manhood because I like the activities that we’re being taught and can see why they are going to helpful to us down the road,” Jacob J., MMCBGC Club member said.

Adrian M., another Club member, echoed Jacob’s share by stating that he’s learned how to do things he’s never done before, like tying a tie, and how to help his family out where he lives.”

Lowe said she’s seen the youth interact with the program already within good leadership. 

“I had a Club member come up to me after finding some loose change that fell out of someone’s pocket inside the Club,” she said. “He quickly grabbed the change and brought it to me to hand back. He said, ‘I didn’t want anyone to take this money because it belongs to someone else and a good man always makes good decisions.”

For Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls club volunteer Walter Murray being a part of the Passport to. Manhood program has been a joy. 

“I absolutely enjoy being here at the Club with the members because they keep me smiling and engaged, Murray shared. “I was happy to step in during Passport to Manhood to offer input and share my experiences with the young boys.”

 To learn more about Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club, visit or call 706-342-1117.

Celebrating MMCBGC Members of the Month





For Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club members being named Club Member of the Month is a big deal - it’s highlighting those Club members growth and leadership skills within the Club. 


Teen member of the Month, Denaisya Farley, who’s been a member for five years, said “the Club has helped me to become a better person and how to carry myself at school and at home in a way that opens up learning opportunities.”


Denaisya is a member of Torch Club, which allows her to express her ideas and give back to the community in a leadership Club experience,” Tabitha Lowe, MMBGC Program Coordinator shared. “She has been learning how to grow successful in life and how to be prepared to handle challenging situations. We’re so proud to call her our Teen Member of the Month.”


MMBGC Volunteer, Woody Buress, who tutors Denaisya and other Club members, shared that “Denaisya is a hard worker and loves working with math and reading challenges.”


Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Month, Kayden Hall, who’s been a member for two years, said “the Club offers me new places I’ve never been, new programs that help me learn and new friends that I didn’t know you could have – I love my Club.”


“Since meeting Kayden, she has become such a light in our Club,” Tabitha Lowe, MMBGC Program Coordinator said. “I’ve seen her grown from reciting the BGC way characters to willing asking staff if they need any assistance in their program areas. This is a true act of leadership and we are proud to have her here at MMCBGC.”


To learn more about Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club, visit or call 706-342-1117.

Dr. Jep Paschal Committed to MMCBGC Youth


Dr. Jep Paschal believes in community giving and because of this he believes in giving toward life-change work happening within the Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club. It’s been Dr. Jep Paschal commitment to give each year toward Club and this year is no different. He recently visited the Club with a $10,000 check and was met with cheers from Club youth.


“Donating to the Club was a watershed moment in Paschal Orthodontics life of donating,” he shared. “It was the first significant annual donation that we were able to achieve and has since become one of our principle commitments. It is safe to say that this donation was a turning point in our lives and opened the door to an annual giving program that we truly appreciate being able to support.”

During his visit Dr. Paschal spoke to Club youth about the importance and power of learning. 

“You truly never stop learning,” he shared echoing that the Club provides them a place to practice their learning skills and how to become productive adults. 

It’s the youth themselves that pull on the heartstrings of Dr. Paschal for his continued involvement – for him, it’s a no brainer.


“Opportunity, future, community, commitment,” he shared. “These are the words that come to my mind when I think about the local Club. When I come here, I’m seeing children forming bonds with true mentors that are helping them become more than they would have been if the Club wasn't in their lives. I’ve seen community members grow because of the roles they are involved with at the Club.”

Giving to the Club matters to Dr. Paschal because “kids need a place to go where they can grow.”

“Giving matters because without it the Club ceases to exist.   The lives that it touches on a daily basis will cease to be exposed to local leaders and many business leaders the reside in or out of Madison.”

To learn more about Dr. Jep Paschal and Paschal Orthodontics, visit To learn more about the Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club, visit MMCBGC Club page or call 706-342-1117.