Damien Horne Inspires Madison

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Damien Horne, a national recording artist and Boys & Girls Club alumnus, recently visited Madison to empower and inspire through song and story. Damien Horne Performs supported Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club’s Teen Club. 

Horne shared how his local Boys & Girls Club changed his life, allowing him to explore writing, poetry, and songwriting in a safe environment. 

“I grew up where everything was so volatile. It was an environment where death and destruction surrounded, but at the Boys & Girls Club I felt safe,” Horne shared. 

For Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club Senior Director Karen Robertson, Horne’s performance and share was a connective reminder of why the work MMCBGC offers is vital for the youth of Morgan County. 


“Hearing Damien's journey and his story about the impact that the Boys & Girls Club had on his life was a beautiful reminder of why we do the work that we do,” she shared. “It made me even more proud and humbled to serve as the Director of the Boys & Girls Club, knowing that my work is making a difference in the life of a child who needs the club. I left from the luncheon increasingly thankful to be working in my purpose.”

Horne shared his popular song, “Somebody’s Hero,” which highlights how individuals can stand in the gap for one another’s needs.  

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“As I listened to Damien's story in music and words about the beacon of hope that the Boys & Girls Club had been for him as he was growing up in North Carolina, it reminded me yet one more time how blessed all of us are to be a part of place of Hope and Promise for our young people in Morgan County,” Nancy Vaughan, MMCBGC board member, shared. “As Damien so sincerely said, “You can be someone's hero!”

MMBGC Teen Club Director, Brian Alexander was moved by Horne’s performance and story. 

“Damien is what the Boys & Girls Club is all about, turning hope into purpose and dreams into reality,” Alexander shared. “Damien was so inspirational and touched the hearts of many in the Madison community with his incredible story.”

Horne spent time with Madison High School students prior to his performance. 

“Damien joined us for a concert and presentation, and it was wonderful and very well received,” Miki Edwards, Morgan County High School Principal. “When Damien arrived our music technology class was in session, He was able to go and see our students, listen to some of their original work, and give some feedback. The guitarist that he had with him, Adam McPhail, made a great impression as well. Adam is a faculty member at Belmont University and gave his business card to one of our students who will be applying to attend there in the fall.”

Overall Madison community was enriched by Damien Horne’s visit and reminded the community to shine in giving their time toward Morgan County youth.

 “Damien expressed such a kind, passionate, ambitious spirit through his music and storytelling,” Lori Hume, MMCBGC board member, shared. “He reminded me why I choose to dedicate so much of my time to this awesome Boys & Girls Club. Staff and volunteers can definitely make a difference.”

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club visit, www.bgcncg.com/mmc or call 706-342-1117.

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