Smart Kids will kick off new year for PNBGC 


Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club’s Learning Center opened fall with a new program called “Smart Kids.”


“To kick our school year off to a great start, Sheila Williams our Learning Center Youth Development leader guided Club members in an exciting program where the kids will be able to witness a new and exciting approach to the way we use technology,” Stacy McClendon PNBGC Director shares. “Williams wanted to create something that the Club members could relate to regarding technology. Club members created a cellphone device in which the pretended to encourage their future selves. This activity was very popular with the Club kids.”

Williams icebreaker activity introducing Smart Kids gave Club members a chance to look into the future and compare the difference between the dialogue now and what they imagine it would be like in the future. The lesson created positive conversations among the kids and showed them a positive to way to use text messaging. 

PNCBGC member, Akerria Griggs, shared the lesson had her excited for other ways they would use technology in other lessons. 

The program will focus on boosting communication skills and safe ways to interact with technology.

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club visit, or call 706-920-1400.