Dungeon Boxing Gym a ‘knock out’ supporter for BGCNCG


For Carey Foster of Dungeon Boxing Gym, Boys & Girls Club means “safe haven” to him as a Club alumnus of W.W. Houston Boys & Girls Club. Now as a business owner in Covington, Foster was searching for ways to give back in a big way to his local Boys & Girls Club.

Foster has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia to offer funding for a Passport2Manhood program at Newton County Boys & Girls Club and joining as a supporting sponsor for Walton County Boys & Girls Club’s Fight for our Future boxing event.


Foster’s gym will be mentoring WCBGC event participants, as well as Walton Club members on how the discipline of boxing can empower youth to express their emotions in safe spaces. For Newton’s Club, Dungeon Gym will be sponsoring an entire program unit devoted toward empowering young men to become successful and productive adults. 

His reason for giving back in such a large way is simple, “the Boys & Girls Club was influential in my life and others.”

“Relocating from housing projects to low income neighborhoods, as a protective measure to keep me off of the streets and out of trouble my mother deemed it necessary to enroll me in the Boys and Girls Club,” he shared. “It’s important to have community assistance with raising a child in a single parent home. With the parent having to work long hours to provide the things the child needs and half the things the child wants, we may fall short in other aspects of parenting.”

From the ages of 12 to 16, Foster was at the Club and he credits it as a place where he knew he was safe and able to grow up among positive role models. 

“At times when my peers and I were being mischievous and that little voice in my head said “not a good idea” or “it’s time to get off the block,” I would go to the Boys & Girls Club and play football, basketball, go swimming or spend time at the teen center,” he added.

In Dungeon Boxing Gym’s partnership with BGCNCG, Foster hopes to instill these characteristics he gained from his BGC experience to the youth of this generation. 

With the Passport2Manhood’s program, Foster is looking forward to young men receiving mentorship and life skill elements that help them become productive as teens. 

“As a young man I needed guidance and support to deal with life's struggles and at times made bad choices because I didn’t have it,” he shared. “I would like to offer guidance and support our young adults to prevent them from having to go through some of the hardships I had to learn.”

He’s looking forward to watching teens confidence grown and learning skills for critical thinking. 

For WCBGC Fight for Our Future Event, Dungeon Boxing Gym will be introducing a new boxing program to the youth of the Club to assist in controlling anger issues. 

“I’m most looking forward to spreading the positive energy. We would like to introduce our boxing program to Walton as well as to help keep the youth off the streets,” he shared. “The coaches will be teaching the youth on the sweet science of boxing. This will also help build their confidence. Boxing in a number of ways can relate to life and our coaches will show how the two correlates.”

At the end of the day life-changing work takes partnerships and Foster hopes that his support will showcase the importance of “businesses needing to work together to help make a difference in community.”

Overall, Foster is excited to be the role model so many people offered him during his BGC experience as a teen. 

“It means a great deal to me to be able to give back to the community because I know firsthand how the support of the Boys & Girls Club helped change my life,” he shared.

Dungeon Boxing Gym is located at 11505 Brown Bridge Road in Covington, GA. The gym was established in 2015 by Carey Foster and his wife, Ebonita. The Dungeon offers boxing training, strength and conditioning, dance classes, tutoring and mentoring. To learn more about The Dungeon Boxing Gym visit dungeonsquads.com or call 770-788-0680.

To learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia or the Clubs mentioned above, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 770-267-8034.