BGC Alum Gives Back at WCBGC

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Everyone’s reason for being involved with a Boys & Girls Club is unique, but it always ends with “because someone cared for me, I want to care for others as well.”

For Antonio Dillard, a Walton County Boys & Girls Club Youth Development Professional, his why is simple, “I’m a product of the Boys & Girls Club. Because of the Club and those who cared for me, I’m here as a successful adult.”

 “I want to provide that support to our youth here in Walton County every day,” he added.

Antonia has been with the movement for a year and currently is the Teen Center Director for the Club.

“We want to ensure that teens have a safe place to go where we encourage our youth to excel in school and at home in becoming productive members of their community,” he shared. “Being an alum myself of the Boys & Girls Club, I know how impactful allowing teens to have responsibility in helping serve in their community can be. That’s why we are constantly looking at new ways to engage our teens in Monroe. From inviting community members in to teach our teens to cook, practice for job interviews and learn new life skills to taking our teens out into the community to serve – we are here to ensure our teens believe the sky is the limit.”

For Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director, having Youth Development Professionals such as Antonia on hand is vital to the success of the Club’s impact. 

“Mr. Antonio goes above and beyond his job duties. He’s always giving our teens the freedom to learn hands on skills while mentoring them in the process,” he shared. “It takes caring individuals such as Antonia to empower our youth and to show them that they’re dreams can indeed become reality. We would love to have more community members join us as volunteers to be a part of this life changing work.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club or to volunteer, visit call 770-207-6279.