PNBGC Teens Venture to Teen Summit 

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Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club teens traveled to Oxford College of Emory University recently for the Georgia Teen Institute Teen Summit. 

PNBGC teens, alongside PNBGC Membership Clerk Ardra Chapman, spent four days with GTI at their residential camp developing leadership skills within Youth Action Teams. 

“I was so blessed to be able to attend the Teen Summit with our amazing teens,” Chapman shared. “In our youth teams we worked through leadership skills to engage in a strategic prevention planning process through workshops, team meeting and team building activities. We worked to plan and implement peer-focused prevention and community service projects.”

Chapman shared that the team meeting sessions taught PNBGC teens the power of working together to solve every day problems as one. 

“My favorite part of our experience at the GTI Teen Summit was the session focusing on the “Power of One,” she shared. “The session was designed to showcase that in everything you do in life you only get out what you put in.”

Chapman also shared that she enjoyed the fact that all the workshops dealt with real life situations that teens and adults face such as drug and alcohol abuse, vaporing, social media use, bullying and depression. 

Sha’Marria LaGuins, a PNBGC teen, shared the “summit was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed meeting new people, the sessions and the workshops.” 

For Chapman being able to watch the Club teens learn real life prevention skills was an amazing experience. 

“Our teens have skills to take back to their peer groups to help work through issues together in a productive manner and that’s incredible.”

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