WCBGC teens learn culinary basics

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Walton County Boys & Girls Club teens are learning Culinary basics this summer.

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The Culinary Basics course was a week-long project-based learning initiative taught teens the necessary skills in preparing healthy meals for breakfast and lunch. 

The teens did research through the Career Launch Program of the Teen Center to discover workforce opportunities where they could continue their cooking skills. 

Mr. Lynn E. Hill,WCBGC Club Director, said that this summer the Club wanted to find activities that “the Teens in particular would enjoy doing and find it to be fun.  

“The name of this week long activity was dubbed ‘Culinary Basics’ because the Teens can find an alternative to eating a lot of fast foods,” Hill added. “It teaches them how to create good meals with nutritious foods such as carrots, rice, water, and wheat bread. They can develop healthier lifestyles by learning to cook and eat foods properly.” 

WCGGC Club member, Jalen Lemons, shared how these activities helped him get over his fear of not knowing how to cook.

“I never knew that I could actually cook,” he shared. “Thanks to my Teen Director, Ms. Krystal Thomas, I was given the opportunity to learn because I don’t get this chance at home.”

We were really pleased with the outcomes of our first Culinary Basics course, Thomas shared. 

“These activities will continue to be a part of our Career Launch program. We found something that Teens these days would enjoy doing and every Teen was involved.”

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