Greensboro City Council member Jontavius Smith joins PNBGC Board  

Jontavius smith.jpg


Greensboro City Council member Jontavius Smith wants to make a difference in Greene County. For Jontavius “giving is one of the best forms of servitude” and he’s looking forward to giving his time and treasures to the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club board.

“I for one was excited when I heard the news of Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club coming to our city. It’s an honor to now become an active member of the Club board for PNBGC,” Smith shared. “Any opportunity to offer hope is dear to me, therefore, I’m honored to have been given the chance to partner with support and serve alongside others who have a likeminded vision about our youth.”

When looking for opportunities to give back toward, it wasn’t hard for Smith to establish that PNBGC indeed plays a vital role in the youth of Greene County. 

“There are countless testimonies attesting to how fundamental the Boys & Girls Club has been. Celebrities abroad but equally as important, the local celebrities within each community. By local celebrities I mean our youth,” he shared. “I have been and still am of the belief that given positive and constructive alternatives, we are able to improve the outcome of our community through our youth.” 

Stacy McClendon, PNBGC Club Director, shared his excitement for Smith. 

“I am very excited about the great possibilities and potential that Jontavius Smith will bring to our Club board,” he said. “He will bring great enthusiasm and poise to his position. I am looking forward to working closely with Jontavius, as we continue the work of helping our youth here in Greensboro reach their full potential as productive and caring citizens.”

As for Smith, he’s looking forward to the new perspective of looking through the eyes of Greene County’s youth. 

“Being a board member affords me the chance to look through a different set of lenses. I look forward to embracing the opportunity to learn and gain a new perspective on our community through the eyes and lives of our youth. The world is becoming more and more challenging for them,” he said. “They hold the future in their hands and sometimes all a youth needs to know is they matter. I’d love to positively impact every single young one in our community, however, given the chance to provide such hope to at least one of them, I’d be extremely grateful. This is what I look forward to most being a board member.”

Jontavius is the son of a single mother, who he says, “did a phenomenal job making sure her son didn’t become a statistic.” 

“She instilled the meaning of respect and giving is better than receiving. She made sure I understood that you get back what you put in. Those amongst a plethora of foundational principles stuck with me,” he added.

Jontavius and his mother own Mapp’s Personal Care. He’s active in his church, as well as within his family. 

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, visit or call 706-920-1400.