BGCNCG Celebrates 18 Club Graduates

Each Youth Received A Scholarship 


Inside of the Madison Presbyterian Church, eighteen Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia graduating seniors heard messages of encouragement and passed the torch of their Club experience to younger generations in attendance.

This BGCNCG graduating class once again is comprised of a 100 percent graduating rate from High Schools in Greene, Morgan and Walton Counties. 

BGCNCG awarded each senior with a scholarship to fund their continued education. 


Bob Mackey, CEO & President of Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, couldn’t be prouder of the senior graduating class of BGCNCG. 

“Every graduate has post-secondary education plans, whether that’s entering the work force after graduation or the military,” he said. “This is an incredible accomplishment for these youth, as they have rose to the challenge to become productive, caring citizens in their communities. We will continue to be a part of their lives through our Club Alumni program.”

Mackey encouraged the Club graduates to continue to pursue their dreams and discover their talents for their career paths.

Michael Tompkins, BGCNCG Corporate Board Chairman, shared remarks before the seniors walked in glowing. He shared how impactful the Club has been in these youth’s lives. From encouraging them to obtain their education to helping them apply to college, the Club is a constant home for them. 

Surrounded by community, family and friends, seniors heard remarks from Ronny Monford, this year’s Walton County Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year.


Ronny shared his story of the Club and how it has developed him into the young man he is today. He shared with his peers to never become satisfied and always push for greatness. 

“Starve your distractions and feed your focus,” he shared.

For Lynn E. Hill, Club Director for Walton County Boys & Girls Club, the senior celebration had an even more personal touch. His son, Jared, is a Club member and a graduating senior this year. 

“Jared is so special to me. He’s my oldest son and I have mentored him my entire life, including through the Boys & Girls Club movement, he shared. “Jared has been a member of the Boys & Girls Club of North Central Georgia since he was six-years-old. Through him, I learned to be a good father and mentor for him, as a model of how to mentor many other youths in the Boys & Girls Club Movement.”

Walton County Boys & Girls Club Graduates

Walton County Boys & Girls Club Graduates

WCBGC has four graduating seniors this year. 

Stacy McClendon, Pete Nance Club Director, said sharing the senior celebration with the community allowed the send-off of the graduating seniors to be even more special.

“The most moving moment for me during the ceremony was witnessing the seniors walk into the room with so much pride, honor and sense of gratitude for all the people who came out to this very special event, he shared. “I also loved being able to pass on sage advice to our newly inducted Club Alumni members about staying focused and to remember this Club and our organization is always a place to call home.”

Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club Graduates

Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club Graduates

PNBGC has four graduating seniors this year. 

For Karen Robertson, Senior Executive Club Director of Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club, watching her Club youth grow throughout the last nine years of their life was moving beyond words.

She shared one Club member story after the ceremony.

“I couldn't be more excited to see MMCBGC member Anaiah Rucker walk into the ceremony in her Boys & Girls Club blue cap and gown with a warm smile on her face.  She has certainly persevered challenges in her life and yet continued attending her Boys & Girls Club. Anaiah shared that her post-secondary plans are to attend Berry College where she will major Psychology. She shared that she has received an $8,000 academic scholarship and a full scholarship award. I couldn’t be prouder of her and to have watched her grow during her time at the Club.”

Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club Graduates

Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club Graduates

MMCBGC has 10 graduating seniors this year.


Senior celebration was a great experience our graduating seniors pass the torch to our younger members to illustrate teaching the younger generations to make the most out of the Club experience.

Passing of the Torch ceremony allows graduating seniors to be role models for the younger generation looking up at them. It is a reminder of where they came from and the responsibility to give back to future generations. 

“Seeing our graduate share a torch with a rising 1st grader was symbolic of the sharing with the next generation the rich experiences and knowledge that they have gained through their formative years of schooling,” Robertson shared. “It is a must that we keep passing the torch on to each generation to come.”


In closing, BGCNCG Board Member, Mike Conrads, shared words of inspiration on seizing the day. 

He encouraged the youth to not be afraid to “stick their necks out” in life to discover their passions and further develop themselves as young adults.

In addition to the scholarships received by BGCNCG, a few Club members received additional funds from two entities. 


Novelis, Inc. provided MMCBGC Club member, Neemia Garrett and PNBGC Club member, Gerald Evanswith a $1,000 scholarship for their continued education based off of three core characteristics – character, dedication and honesty. 


The Steve Scovic Scholarship, which honors the memory of Steve Scovic, was awarded to PNBGC members, Marquesha Mallory and Gerland Evans in the amount of $1,000. Both Club graduates also received HP laptops.

To learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, visit or call 770-267-8034.