Walton EMC highlights youth of WCBGC in Classic Golf Tournament

Classic Golf Tournament Photo.jpg

Walton County Boys & Girls Club members recently enjoyed a day of Golf during the Walton EMC Charity Golf Classic sponsored by Walton Electric Membership Corporation.  All funds raised at the tournament go toward the general operating budget of the Walton Club.

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“This year’s event was very special to me as Unit Director,” Mr. Lynn E. Hill, Club Director shared. “My father worked at the Walton EMC and retired there after 35 years of employment. Several employees still remember his tenure there, and we do this charity in honor of him and his dedication to Walton EMC. I’m so proud to see this legacy continue through myself and passed down to our Teens and Youth whom we encourage every day.”

The event was highlighted by the Keystone Club and Teens of the Walton Club participated in the event by speaking with golfers and sponsors on the Golf Course, eating lunch with participants and learning the game of Golf from tournament players.

Each year the Walton EMC recognizes outstanding teens of the Walton County Club and spends the day in an effort to promote fundraising for the BGC.  Those youth were recognized at the tournament. 

“These Teens who represented our Boys & Girls Club were excited to be in the Golf Classic.  As I spoke with the principals of the schools, they were all excited to excuse them from the schools because they whole-heartedly felt that the members would benefit from the event and excite them into future endeavors,” Hill shared. 

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For WCBGC member Ronny Monford learning golf from those present was an exciting new skill to acquire.

“I love to play all kinds of sports,” he said. “It creates a healthy lifestyle, yet I find this sport to be the most enjoyable!”

Janiya Smith, another Club member, shared “This has been one of the best days ever! I met some really great people from my community with good hearts for the Club.”

“My heart is overjoyed with an opportunity to serve these wonderful teens who have come out to the Golf Classic today. I know the potential of these students, and that is why I wanted to come out and be a part of this annual event,” a WCBGC Volunteer shared. “I believe also that it is not so much as to how much money was raised here at this event, but to see how these Teens had an opportunity to be exposed to something that they may have ever experienced before, and to see the look on their faces, was and is priceless.  I’ve worked to support Teens before, but this year was truly special.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclubor call 770-207-6279.