Engaging in College Readiness for Spring Break


PNBGC members tour Clark Atlanta University 

Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members spent their Spring Break this year touring colleges alongside other Club members from Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia. 

They visited the historical Clark Atlanta University, as well as Georgia College. 

Each college tour is a part of the Diplomas 2 Degrees program, which aims to educate and familiarize the teens with the college experience by providing members with first-hand access and insight from college students and faculty. 

college tour.jpg

“The Clark Atlanta visit gave our Club members the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the routines of students and see a bustling college campus,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “The youth also learned about the historical and cultural relevance of the university. It was a great visit for them.”

In addition to the Clark Atlanta tour, the teens enjoyed a fun outing at Main Event Entertainment Center in Atlanta. The teens were able to enjoy bowling, arcade style and virtual-interactive games, a multi-level laser-tag arena and indulge themselves in the pizza bar. 

Teen club member Traveon Jackson sated, “the trip allowed us to meet with members from the other Clubs, which gave us a rare opportunity to socialize and bond through competitive bowling and laser-tag.” 

“I had a great time bowling with the staff and the funniest part was watching older staff learning to play newer games,” Arianna Ross, PNBGC member shared. “It felt good teaching the staff something new.”

During their trip back the teens visited Stonecrest Mall to shop and browse through the stores. The trip was a great opportunity for the teens and staff to get outside the Club and bond while on Spring Break.

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/petenance or call 706-920-1400.