Sewing in Character at MMC


With thread and willingness to learn, Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club members have been sewing in character with their new program EPIC Sewing. 

Club members are learning to express themselves through sewing, as well as practicing hand-eye coordination.


“This program helps engages our members, while helping them embrace their creative side in learning a new skill,” Tabitha Lowe, MMCBGC Program Coordinator shared. “Recently the members have been working on creating their own trinket holder with volunteers.”

For Club member Kernan Edwards working with EPIC’s lead volunteer, Lori Hume, has been a treat. 

“Ms. Lori was very fun and she made the class easy to learn from,” she said.  I was so happy when we finished our sewing project because I could take it home and show my family.” 

A highlight for Tabitha Lowe in the creation of this program was watching “members discover a creative side they previously didn’t know existed and then achieving new skills.”

For program leader and volunteer, Lori Hume, participating in this program is equally enriching.

“I truly enjoyed doing this program. I could see how this program made the members happy and intrigued,” she said. “It's so important to create lifelong experiences for the members and possible careers for them as well.”

Due to the success of this program during the fall season, EPIC Sewing will be offered to youth during the summer. 

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club visit, or call 706-342-1117.