GWA youth gives 'Hope & Opportunity' to WCBGC


Jenni Andersen knows who she wants to become when she grows up – a teacher in Walton County. She’s a senior at George Walton Academy. To give her real world experience with youth she’s been diligently volunteering at the Walton County Boys & Girls Club.

When Jenni first visited the Club she was surprised to see just how many “wonderful things were being done” at the Club. 


“As I came to visit the Club, Mr. Lynn E. Hill (WCBGC Director) would show me how I could make a difference in the lives of the members and where I could be utilized the most to understand the importance of being a teacher. 

Mr. Hill gave her a tour of the facility, how the Club operated and showcased what being involved could look like at the Club.

After her visit, Jenni knew what she wanted to do – Power Hour.

Power Hour is a program which focuses on creating a safe space for members to ask questions about homework, work together on school work, study and find unique ways to engage with what they’ve been learning in school.

“I really enjoy being here and giving my best to the Club,” Anderson shared. “I have met so many interesting kids here in the Club and it motivates me to continue pursuing my career path in education. Every time that I come to volunteer, I feel that I have made a difference.  I am thankful for this opportunity to volunteer at a good place like this.”

Mr. Hill says Jenni has brought a “special kind of energy” to the Club. He said that after his initial meeting with Jenni he knew Power Hour was the right fit 

“I wanted Miss Jenni to be a part of the Power Hour Program because I realized that she was gifted in that area,” Mr. Hill shared. “With the kind of energy that she has, and excelling in academics in her school, I know that this energy will pour over into the members. It is wonderful to know that we still have young people who have a vested interest in education and teaching our youth. It’s even more exciting to know that Ms. Jenni will be one of those educators who had humble beginnings right here at the Boys & Girls Club, and she will always contribute to the success of our youth.”

For Jenni, her time at the Club has helped fuel her goal of becoming a teacher with first-hand experience of what making a difference in a younger youth’s life can do.

“I believe that everybody, at some point in time in their lives, ought to give back to their community through volunteering,” she shared. “I learned the motto, that, ‘Great Futures Start Here.’ I can see that for myself as I volunteer at this place. The kids here are special. They deserve all of the good things in life, and I want to help be a part of that.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club visit, call 770-207-6279.