MMBGC Club Alumni: "This Club is Family to me"

Why Volunteering at her Club matters


For former Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club member, Artelia B., coming back to volunteer at her local Club reminds her about the joys of being apart of the Boys & Girls Club movement. 

“I was a Club member for four years,” she shared. “This place taught me how to be a successful adult by helping hone in on my skills to showcase interests I could have in my future. I’ve excited to be a part of that teaching for the youth here today.”

If Artelia had to choose one word to describe the atmosphere of the Club she would choose “family.”

“When I was here as a Club member, my Club felt like my family and they helped me to surprise myself with the achievements I accomplished here,” she shared. “While I’m here volunteering, I’ll be focusing on helping Club members with their homework, confidence and assisting with our Smart Girls Program, which empowers our young girls within our Club.”

Tabitah Lowe, Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club Program Director, said having Ms. Artelia back in the Club is a joyous sight to see.  

“When we have Club members here, we always share how you’re a Club member for life – and you are,” she shared. “We care about the whole child and their development into adulthood and how we may support them as an adult. She’s been giving important insights to our members during our Smart Girls Program that I know these young women will never forget. This is what our movement is about – creating the next generation of productive adults giving back!”

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 706-342-1117.