PNBGC teens tours Georgia College



College is an important next step for many teens approaching their junior year of high school. For the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club teens and tweens college preparation is a daily part of their conversation amongst peers and staff members, as a part of the Diplomas 2 Degrees program. During their winter break, youth of PNBGC visited Georgia College.


“Our teens were able to observe anactive campus atmosphere while learning about the requirements and responsibilities expected of first-year students,” Brad Parr, PNBGC Director shared. “They also received an extensive overview of tuition requirements, housing options, majors offered, meal plans, intramural sports and extracurricular activities available at Georgia College.”

For Club member Annie H. walking around Georgia College’s campus was exciting, as she imagined what being a college student would look like after graduation. 

“We got the opportunity to walk around campus, which was exciting because we got to see college students going to classes and hanging out around campus. The tour guide showed us the dorm rooms, apartments, classrooms, recreational center, library and The Max,” she shared. 

More importantly Annie noted that she enjoyed learning how you pick your classes and where you can receive tutoring. 

“It’s important to me to visit colleges, so I can have ideas about going to college and what college life is like,” she said. 

Other Club members enjoyed the in-depth look at the cost for college, which instilled the important of obtaining good grades in high school for potential scholarships opportunities.

“I loved touring the library and learning about class structures, as well as receiving credit for tutoring – it seems this school really cares about you succeeding,” Club member Adarius W shared. “I was also surprised to learn about the bus service on campus and loved the basketball gym.”

Ultimately, the goal for college visits are to help PNBGC teens and tweens, not only dream about their future, but discover ways to work toward their goals.

“We want our teens to succeed any everything they set their minds to and for some college can be truly a daunting new adventure,” Parr said. “Our program Diplomas 2 Degrees focuses on elevating the fear of college, while helping our teens file applications, practice interviewing and discuss where they may want to pursue a higher education past high school.”

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