Putting a ‘Spotlight’ on WCBGC Talents

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What if you could share your talents with your peers, cheered on to pursue your passions and get useful critique from your peers to improve your skills? This happens every day in the 

Walton County Boys & Girls Club with its new Spotlight program, which helps Club members see the potential in their talents and have a support system to allow them to explore those talents. 

“We have so many youths with a variety of great ideas and directions they want to go in for their future,” Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director shared. “We wanted to give a space for our youth to showcase those talents and create a community of support for them. Those talents range from dancing to writing – to athletics.” 

During assembly’s every Friday at the Club, members have the opportunity to share a new song they learned, a new poem they wrote or share a new basketball skill for the court – everyone has an opportunity to showcase a talent. 

“This experience of being in the ‘Spotlight’ at the Club will help me be less shy and do what I love to do – singing,” Ricky R., WCBGC Club member shared. 

Mr. Hill said every Friday the Club youth arrive and are “excited about the opportunity to be recognized by those talents that they knew they had.  They just want a chance to prove it to the Club and beyond.”

A Club volunteer shared that this new program teaches important life skills such as character building and conflict resolution.  The positive effects of our program are easily seen when you watch the members learn and use new ways of communicating with each other, even more so, their gifts and talents.

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclub or call 770-207-6279.