Celebrating WCBGC Teen of the Month


For Walton County Boys & Girls Club members being named Teen of the Month is a big deal - it’s highlighting those Club members growth and leadership skills within the Club. 

Teen member of the Month, Jashanti S., who’s been a member for six years, said “I am glad I can come here and talk to other people about different ideas and try new things.”

She notes that she appreciates how the staff helps her work on her speaking skills and character. 

Jashanti was recognized as Teen of the Month for her leadership during Power Hour, where Club members work together on their homework. 

“She’s the first Club member to initiate homework and always guiding others to participate in Power Hour,” Lynn E. Hill, Walton County Boys & Girls Club Director shared. “What I am most proud of in Jashanti is that she’s learning to use her voice more in regard to voicing her concerns about the community, her school, her church, and life in general.”

Hill said that Jashanti’s grades have improved tremendously because she’s been “communicating more with her Club staff and the teachers at her school. She’s helped in connecting us to what work she needs the most help in. She’s always eager to get tutored and work on her homework.”

Jashanti says she’s thankful for her WCBGC mentor who tutors her, Tony Dillard. 

“Jashanti is extremely creative, loves dance and dreams of being a choreographer.  Jashanti has identified many of her strengths since joining the B&G Club of Walton,” Dillard shared. “She includes others in her conversations and is very respectful. The calm, wise and mature way she handles herself is evident in every interaction, every time. Jashanti is an asset to our Club and a natural born leader.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclub or call 770-207-6279.