Greensboro Fire Department Visits PNC

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Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members recently were visited by the Greensboro Fire Department for a day full of safety tips and exploration on the life of a firefighter. 

Greensboro Fire Department Chief Bashore shared the importance of safety within the home and shared rescue stories. 

Club members got to tour the fire truck, see how the truck’s lights work, as well as the siren.

“What the kids enjoyed the most was being able to help the firefighter spray the water hose,” Stacy McClendon, PNBGC Director shared. “Throughout the experience our youth learned about the different kinds of fires and ways that the firefighters use their tools, like the firehose, to put fires out and save people’s lives.”

Club member Journee Miller shared that he enjoyed “the fire safety & prevention program. I learned about all the different materials that they have to use especially heavy clothes & how quickly they have to move with them on.”


“We had the opportunity to climb on the truck and take a closer look at everything they use, and we heard different stories,” Rylei West, a PNBGC club member added. “We also got a chance to take a picture with the firefighters.”

McClendon shared his appreciation for the Greensboro Fire Department spending time with PNBGC youth.

“Ireally enjoyed working with the Greensboro Fire Department to help our youth learn more about safety. Our club members are our number one priority,” he said. “We strive to provide a safe environment for our youth that they can respect and admire.”

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