PNBGC Teens Engage in Entrepreneurship


Money Matters Course Underway 

Can you remember the first time you saw a budget for your money? How about using a calculator to figure out how much to tip at a restaurant? What about forming a business plan as a teenager?


 That’s exactly what the teens and tweens of Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club are doing right now – learning how to build a business. As a part of a financial geared program, Money Matters, is underway at PNBGC to help educate teens on the importance of money management and wise choices. 

 Recently, the teens presented their very own entrepreneurship ideas to their peers.

“A major part of this program is teaching entrepreneurship,” Asia Mitchell, Teen Coordinator & PNBGC Alum member shared. “Our teens are going over the different career paths they could pursue, as for many Club members, owning a business is something they’re very interested in.”

 Mitchell said that this recent project gave “Club members the ability to research a business idea that interests them and develop a business plan. They reviewed their target market, demographic served, how much launching their business would cost and how to obtain a steady flow of income.”

 Businesses the teens created ranged from a smart watch that checks blood sugar levels for diabetes patients and a security system for your smart phone.   

“The Club youth have been learning the value of having a plan in place,” she said. “They’ve worked with balancing budgets and sticking to their overall business plan to become successful owners.”

Christian S, an seventh grader at PNBGC, said his favorite part about this project was “brainstorming ideas to make a resource that can help people with improving their health."

"In the Entrepreneurship Program I learned how to plan, organize and explain things," he shared. “The one thing that stuck out to me was being able to explain my invention to our peers, while being able to hear their thoughts and feedback was such a great feeling.”

Aaron S., an eighth grader at PNBGC, said “I learned I need to improve my organizational skills and that I enjoy thinking of ways to create my own business.”


“We got to get a taste of what it is like to present in front of a big crowd and it mattered to me because everyone should be able to express their ideas publicly, “Aaron shared. “Our Club peers embraced our ideas and that was fun.”

 “Our Club youth have loved this project so much because it’s so hands on and requires them to dig deep for new ideas,” Brad Parr, PNBGC Club Director shared. “It’s one of the many programs we have at our Club that challenges our youth to go outside their comfort zone and see the potential inside of themselves to become something unique in their adult lives.”

The Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club teens & tweens will continue their Money Matters courses for the remainder of the school year. 

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