Liz Huntley to 'change lives' with Sept. 18 event

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When Madison resident Ashley Hunt first heard Liz Huntley speak she knew that Madison had to experience this woman’s story. 

“It’s life changing – but it also is the story of the youth we serve at Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club,” she shared. “It’s the story of how going the extra mile does indeed save lives.”

As soon as she left the speaking engagement where Huntley was presenting, Ashley called up her MMBGC board and the planning began for the Liz Huntley Speaks event to be held Sept. 18 at the James Madison Inn. 

Huntley, a Birmingham Lawyer and child advocate, penned down her personal experiences where those who went the extra mile saved her life.

Her book “More Than A Bird” talks about her Boys & Girls Club membership, church and teachers who went over and beyond to impact her life.

“That’s a message I am hoping will reach others in Madison,” Hunt said. “If we all do a little something. We can make a different in a life.”

And Huntley’s story isn’t an easy one.  

From losing her mother to suicide to her dad being in jail, Huntley was faced with struggles she didn’t have any control over at a very young age. A parallel, Hunt says, several Club youth experience. 

Since the Club opened in 2008 Hunt has been giving her time to the Club’s youth. “I wrote a check, reached out and said I'd love to be on the board,” she said. “This all stemmed from growing up with my dad who was always a mentor. He instilled in me to be involved in your community.”

Hunt says she believes in doing what “we can to instill in our children to be good people. I just think we are all liable. We are all responsible to help a child become a successful adult.”

When it comes to supporting the Club, this event is a two-fold effort. 

“Attend the event because Liz Huntley will touch your life, inspire you and you’ll leave with a smile on your face,” Hunt says. “But what you’ll also do is continue to put smiles on the children’s faces we serve, who are all too familiar with parts are all of Huntley’s story.”

“Our Club is a place where our youth go after school to learn, grow and have fun in safety. 

We are striving to make a difference in a child's life - that’s what it's all about. That’s Liz  Huntley's whole philosophy and  it works for her. It can work for our children - we just have to go the extra mile.”

To learn more about Liz Huntley Speaks visit  or call 706-342-1117.