VIzitech USA 3D Technology Given to Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club


Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members will be taking their STEM education into the third dimension with the newly installed Vizitech USA software.

VIzitech USA is a 3-dimensional, augmented reality, company that is based out of Eatonton, Georgia. The company specializes in education and training in 3D technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality learning programs.

PNBGC staff members recently received training on the newly installed software received on behalf of a PNBGC Advisory Board Member.

The software will allow Club members to learn about science first-hand by manipulating various items included in the Z Space Software used by VIzitech USA.

Club members will be able to learn about many different academic topics from anatomy and biology to trade skills such as building engines and electrical currents. They will have the opportunity to actively participate in activities, such as learning how the heart functions, and what parts make up the entire heart. Students also have access to learning about biomes, the environment and life cycles through further navigating through the Z Space technology.

“Our goal for using this equipment is to provide our club members with the opportunity to have a hands-on, 3-dimensional, experience with the content they learn during the school day so the students can better retain what is being taught in the classroom,” Brad Parr, PNBGC Club Director said.

The Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club would like to thank Vizitech USA Owner, Stewart Rodeheaver, and Senior Account manager, Richard Boyer for showing us how to use this equipment effectively with our Club members.

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