Chess Club Arrives at PNC 


Sign up Available for Club Members & non-Club Members

 Soon Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members will be able to unlock their creative side through the game of chess, as Kristine Mapp will bring her chess teaching skills to the Club. 

 “I am eager to see our Club members learn the game of chess. We had a small group of members participate in past years and I am eager to see how we can grow this program with the guidance of Mrs. Kristine Mapp,” Brad Parr, PNC Club Director shared. 

 Chess is a two-person game which requires fast thinking and problem solving on the fly and it’s clinically proven to activate the right side of your brain, which enlists a person’s originality to expand and creativity to flourish. 

Classes will take place every Wednesday from 3:30-4 PM at PNC located at 1441 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. in Greensboro. This program is open to non-Club members with the availability to sign up as Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members.  

“The goal of this program is to introduce more students to the game of Chess so they can learn strategy, character, and other vital life lessons through an organized team,” Parr said. “Our goal is to take participants to various tournaments to compete once we organize our team. 

PNC is looking to host 20 students in the Chess Club. If interested in joining, contact Mrs. Mapp at If interested in learning more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, visit our Club Page or call us at 706-920-1400.


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