Celebrating the Youth!

BGCNCG Club Cook Up


The Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia celebrate the youth it serves during Fall Break for a Cook Up at every Club site. Corporate staff members were on hand to make funnel cakes complete with powder sugar for a sweet snack.


 “We want to celebrate our youth and let them know how much we care about their growth as young people in their communities every day,” Bob Mackey, CEO & President shared. “It’s important that our corporate staff gets to see first-hand how our work impacts the youth we serve and it’s important for our youth to see how many adults are invested in them.” 

 Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club was the first Cook Up stop for BGCNCG and it was a surprise to the youth present for their Fall Break. 

With three claps and two stomps, Brad Parr, PNBGC Club Director, shared the treats in store to which cheers and smiles followed. 

 “Seeing their faces light up and hearing ‘thank you’ in unison really puts into perspective what is truly important in life – it’s them and their future,” he said. 

 Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club was second on the Cook Up stop and Melanie Unchuan Vice President of Operations and Dona Franks, Finance Officer, were cooking the funnel cakes for the Club youth.

“It’s such a joy to be around these youth,” Franks shared. “They brighten your day and inspire you at the same time. It’s something I hear often from our volunteers here – that being here changes your life as well.”

At the end of the day when the Club doors close, BGCNCG is changing lives according to MMBGC Co-President Nancy Vaughan. “I often tell the community to come see their why here at our Club,” she said. “Maybe it’s a third grader who wishes to be a little more outspoken this school year or a young man who is about to be the first to graduate high school in his family – no matter what you discover – this place is changing their lives and offering them brighter futures ahead.”

To learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 770-267-8034.