Celebrating WCBGC Teen of the Month


For Walton County Boys & Girls Club members being named Teen of the Month is a big deal - it’s highlighting those Club members growth and leadership skills within the Club. 

Teen member of the Month, Jashanti S., who’s been a member for six years, said “I am glad I can come here and talk to other people about different ideas and try new things.”

She notes that she appreciates how the staff helps her work on her speaking skills and character. 

Jashanti was recognized as Teen of the Month for her leadership during Power Hour, where Club members work together on their homework. 

“She’s the first Club member to initiate homework and always guiding others to participate in Power Hour,” Lynn E. Hill, Walton County Boys & Girls Club Director shared. “What I am most proud of in Jashanti is that she’s learning to use her voice more in regard to voicing her concerns about the community, her school, her church, and life in general.”

Hill said that Jashanti’s grades have improved tremendously because she’s been “communicating more with her Club staff and the teachers at her school. She’s helped in connecting us to what work she needs the most help in. She’s always eager to get tutored and work on her homework.”

Jashanti says she’s thankful for her WCBGC mentor who tutors her, Tony Dillard. 

“Jashanti is extremely creative, loves dance and dreams of being a choreographer.  Jashanti has identified many of her strengths since joining the B&G Club of Walton,” Dillard shared. “She includes others in her conversations and is very respectful. The calm, wise and mature way she handles herself is evident in every interaction, every time. Jashanti is an asset to our Club and a natural born leader.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclub or call 770-207-6279.

Walton County Boys & Girls Club: January Highlights

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Walton County Boys & Girls Club

Lynn E. Hill

Club Director

The Walton County Boys & Girls Club has wrapped up another wonderful month in scholastic activities, character building, and developing lifestyles through the “BGC Way.”  In the month of January, we celebrated the advancements of Character Development by holding oratorical speeches made by our Youth of the Year, Mr. Ronnie Monford, III, who quoted in his speech, “Feed your passions, and starve your fears.” This speech was made as a highlight of celebration honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on January 18th, 2019.  On Friday, January 25th, 2019, the Walton Club introduced a new program, held during Assembly entitled, “Great Futures Start Here Spotlight”, in which Club Members can be recognized for their many accomplishments in academics, programs, or such talents as singing, dancing, rapping, poem-writing, and much more.  We also completed the month of January with a celebration of birthdays, an announcement of our newest volunteer, Mrs. Sherrie Blare, who introduced to our SMART Girls, an activity called, “Adult Coloring”, which brought out the creative energy of these girls, ages 10-14 years old, The Walton Club strives for amazing endeavors in the month of February 2019.

WCBGC Partners with Monroe Area High School

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The Walton County Boys & Girls Club recently developed a partnership with the Monroe Area High School highlighting the Special Needs Program of the School and the other Youth served at the Boys & Girls Club.  Each Friday, the group comes to the Club and makes a presentation to the members of the Club as well.  Club Director, Lynn E. Hill, presents with a certificate of appreciation for this groups willingness to present weekly to Club youth. Tangela Hester, Paraprofessional Coordinator, is present on behalf of the Monroe Area High School 

Putting a ‘Spotlight’ on WCBGC Talents

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What if you could share your talents with your peers, cheered on to pursue your passions and get useful critique from your peers to improve your skills? This happens every day in the 

Walton County Boys & Girls Club with its new Spotlight program, which helps Club members see the potential in their talents and have a support system to allow them to explore those talents. 

“We have so many youths with a variety of great ideas and directions they want to go in for their future,” Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director shared. “We wanted to give a space for our youth to showcase those talents and create a community of support for them. Those talents range from dancing to writing – to athletics.” 

During assembly’s every Friday at the Club, members have the opportunity to share a new song they learned, a new poem they wrote or share a new basketball skill for the court – everyone has an opportunity to showcase a talent. 

“This experience of being in the ‘Spotlight’ at the Club will help me be less shy and do what I love to do – singing,” Ricky R., WCBGC Club member shared. 

Mr. Hill said every Friday the Club youth arrive and are “excited about the opportunity to be recognized by those talents that they knew they had.  They just want a chance to prove it to the Club and beyond.”

A Club volunteer shared that this new program teaches important life skills such as character building and conflict resolution.  The positive effects of our program are easily seen when you watch the members learn and use new ways of communicating with each other, even more so, their gifts and talents.

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclub or call 770-207-6279.

WCBGC Volunteer Brings Art Talks to Club


Art is a daily expression used within Walton County Boys & Girls Club to help Club youth learn new skills, have creative outlets and find new passions. For Sherrie Lee Blare, a WCBGC volunteer, she’s seen first-hand how the Club’s enriching youths lives daily.

“I began volunteering at the Walton County Boys & Girls Club at the beginning of January this year. During this short amount of time, I have learned so much from the members,” she shared. “Volunteering at WCBGC has made such a positive impact on my life.  I truly enjoy having meaningful conversations with Club youth, learning more about them and building relationships with Club members.”

Blare personally loves working with creative arts and adult coloring. She finds them a therapeutic exercise for herself. And, “it appears it does the same for our young members,” she said. 

“One day I stopped in with some adult coloring books and colored pencils. Little did I know that coloring would stimulate so many conversations.  These young ladies had me laughing the entire time,” she shared. “We talked and shared our ideas and our feelings.  The best part was the next time I came in several Club members came to me and asked if they could color and talk more!”

Blare says she had been interested in giving back and it’s been so rewarding to be a volunteer at WCBGC. 

“It’s just so important to give you time and attention to our youth,” she said. “Every interaction and conversation are an opportunity for character building.  Through volunteering at the B&G Club of Walton, you are opening doors for them that lead to their future success story.”

Volunteers, like Sherry, make a difference according to Lynn E. Hill, Walton County Boys & Girls Club’s Director.

“Ms. Sherrie has brought a new sense of purpose for the club members through her encouraging words and positive attitude,” he shared.  “She has new ideas and stimulating props that gives exposure to our staff, as well as our Club members. She’s given our Club members new skills to use and has opened their minds up to new ways to communicate feelings.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclub or call 770-207-6279.

BGCNCG hosts fall Safety Training for staff & volunteers


Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia recently held an organization wide safety training session for staff and volunteers at its Walton County Club location. Staff and volunteers were provided with educational tools to determine the best course of action regarding safety measures for the youth who attend BGCNCG Clubs. 


A review of BGCNCG safety regulations, which is upheld and guided by Boys & Girls Clubs of America, was provided by Karen Robertson, Senior Executive Club Director for Madison-Morgan Boys & Girls Club. 

“The safety of our youth is our No. 1 priority in providing safe spaces for our youth to learn, grow and prosper into young adults,” Karen Robertson shared. “It was a delight to also be facilitating this training alongside a Boys & Girls Clubs of America representative, who’s purpose it to monitor, give feedback and provide resources for us to utilize at our Clubs.”

Bob Mackey, President and CEO of BGCNCG, closed out training by giving the staff and volunteers a talk about teamwork and commitment.

“I’m so proud of the team we have for BGCNCG. Changing a child’s life starts with these individuals who see our youth day in and out at our Clubs,” he shared. “We truly strive for excellence in our commitment to the youth, which is why training is such a vital way of being successful at impacting the youth of North Central Georgia.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia serves Morgan, Greene, Putnam, Jasper and Newton Counties. To learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 770-267-8034.


Duck Derby will land someone $10,000 richer June 30

Duck Derby will land someone $10,000 richer June 30

Some lucky duck will win $10,000 June 30 at Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia’s Duck Derby event in Porterdale. Shortly after 7 PM June 30 the first rubbery ducky to cross the finish line around the bend of Porterdale’s Yellow River will be named the winner.

There’s still time to adopt your rubber duck at www.bgcncg.com/duckderby.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia to host Duck Derby Fundraiser

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia to host Duck Derby Fundraiser

Duck Derby will take place June 30 from 5 until dark, where community members can adopt a duck to save a child’s life! For every duck you adopt, participants not only increase your odds of winning the $10,000 grand prize, they also help continue the world class programs that BGCNCG offers over 1,500 youth in North Central Georgia.