PNBGC Names Youth of the Month for April   


For Club members at Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club being named Youth of the Month is a high honor. Every month a youth is recognized for modeling their leadership abilities. 

 For the month of April, PNBGC named Chase Miller as Youth of the Month 

 “Chase has only been a member since September, but that has not stopped her from becoming a great leader within the Club,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “She is a pleasure to be around and her witty personality will definitely put a smile on your face.  Chase is always eager to help and follow directions. Chase also goes out of her way to ensure her peers do the same which is what we love about her.”

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PNBGC Names Junior Youth of the Month for April 


For Club members at Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club being named Youth of the Month is a high honor. Every month a youth is recognized for modeling their leadership abilities. 

For the month of April, PNBGC named Annie Hall as Junior Youth of the Month.

“Annie has exhibited great leadership abilities throughout the Club by assisting our interim membership clerk with daily tasks,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “She is one of our well respected and active members. Annie is a dancer, a basketball ball player and also a member of ROTC. Annie’s leadership qualities are what led to our decision in making her our 2019 Youth of the Year ambassador.”

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PNBGC Members Give Back to Community


Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members are getting first-hand lessons on giving back within the community. Recently, Club members visited the Legacy Health & Rehabilitation center to hand out sweet treats and talk with residents and clients.

Members walked from room-to-room greeting residents and providing them snacks while having conversation. 

“Pete Nance is really trying to help our younger youth understand the importance of giving back to the community and how small gestures, like a simple card or treat, can really brighten someone’s day,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator, shared.  “Legacy Health & Rehabilitation offer rehabilitative therapy for both short-term stay and during long-term care. During this time many clients may not get to see their family members as much as they would like to so as a Club our youth want residents to know that their loved and thought about.”

For Club member Larra H. the experience is personal.

“When we visit the Center, I get to visit my grandmother and meet all of her friends,” she said. “I love being able to give back like this.”

Richbow adds for the youth this is an enriching experience.

“It’s great to see the clients of legacy smile and laugh as the kids perform for them,” she said. “The youth also learn so much during their visits and get to have great conversations with residents and clients. We look forward to going back soon for a nice game of bingo.”

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Volunteering brings “sparks” of imagination to life 


Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club volunteer Lynn Wailes sees the Club as a village of mentors and opportunities for youth to grow. 

“It takes a village to raise a child and it does matter when others outside of the family take an interested in how a child is navigating their life,” she shares. “I feel that by volunteering, we can make an impact in our community.”

When asked about an impactful moment to choose from Wailes said watching a child’s spark light up. 

“Any chance to see a spark during a reading session marks as an impactful moment,” she said. “Just the other day I was working with a young boy who went from Clifford the Big Red Dog to Martin Luther King Jr and then to Elephants who Paint. His engagement and excitement in learning sparked him to dig into other books all day.”

Volunteering at the Club, for Wailes, brings to mind a few words, “happy children with quality things to engage.” 

“I look forward to spending time with the children and getting to know them every day.”

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PNBGC receives grant for books


Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club elementary school age members celebrated Dr. Seuss’ Birthday with books and more books filling their imaginations with possibility. The birthday celebration was a part of Read Across America Week. The books were awarded to the Club through a grant that was submitted by the Pi Phi Ladies.  

Each grade level had the opportunity to participate in a book fair, story time and an art lesson.


“Read across America Week was the perfect time for the students to shop for personal books and celebrate the world of reading,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “Each student was allowed to select two books to have of their own. Once the students selected their books, they were given time to read and enjoy their gifts.”

The students also participated in story time and were spent art hour painting or drawing a piece of artwork that reflected something that they liked about their book. The remaining books that were purchased through the grant have been placed in a library for PNBGC members. 

“This library will afford the members the opportunity to have reading time during the afternoon. We are so grateful that the Pi Phi Ladies secured this grant and has enabled us to provide this additional resource to our members,” Stacy McClendon, PNBGC Director shared. The students and staff would like to send a special thank you to everyone that was responsible for the books and access to a permanent library. We look forward to the many adventures we will experience through our new books!”

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Welcome Brad Parr as BGCNCG Operations Director

BGCNCG Promotes Brad Parr to Operations Director 


The Boys & Girls Club of North Central Georgia is proud to announce the promotion of Brad Parr to the position of Director of Operations. Parr will assume his new role within BGCNCG April 1, where he will be responsible for overseeing membership safety, staff development and management, supervision of Club Directors and budget management. His role will be in support of the execution of programs to include Character & Leadership, Education & Career Development, Health & Wellness, Teens, Sports & Recreation and the Arts. 

“Operations are the lifeline to any organization. We value our commitment to the communities we serve and have become good stewards of change and development. In order to effectively lead, we must effectively grow. With growth comes the obligation of providing a safe & secure environment and fostering educational outcomes that change the trajectory for our youth.” Bob Mackey, BGCNCG, shared.

In 2016, Brad Parr was hired as the Education Coordinator for the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club under the direction of Bob Mackey. There he was responsible for facilitating and implementing academic programming such as Power Hour, Summer Brain Gain, First Tee Program, Volunteer Management, and the Novelis Partnership/Lake Project. In 2018, Brad was promoted to Club Director for the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club where he was able to work with staff to bring in new programs, create community partnerships and maintain the strong relationships within the community, and build up the Youth of the Year Program. 

Brad Parr is a graduate of Sequoyah High School, attended Georgia College and State University where he obtained his Bachelors’ Degree in Community Health and a Masters’ Degree in Recreation and Sports Administration from Western Kentucky. During his senior year, he worked for Communities in Schools as an intern. He oversaw volunteers and tutored students throughout each week. After graduating, Brad was named a Site Coordinator with Communities in Schools where he planned and implemented school-wide programs and tutoring services for students who were likely to drop-out based on academics, behavior, or demographics. 

Brad has been able to empower our youth to share their stories and use their platform to create change and plan for their future. 

“Being a Club Director has provided me with the opportunity to meet many important community members and build relationships for the betterment of the students in Greensboro,” Parr shared. “It has been an honor to work with the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club as the Club Director.” 

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Welcome Stacy McClendon as PNBGC Director


McClendon local champion for youth  

Position Effective April 1, 2019

The Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club is proud to announce Mr. Stacy McClendon as Director. McClendon is no stranger to the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club and the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, as he has held various part-time positions over the course of a four-year period. 

For BGCNCG President & CEO, Bob Mackey bringing Mr. McClendon into the movement was an obvious choice.

“Mr.McClendon aspired to do more. His smile, his presence, andprofessional candor will bring any strangers to their feet. He is a born leader ready to impact the world and tobe an example of Hope & Promise in his community and beyond,” he shared. “We’re fortunate to have Mr. McClendon lead the Pete Nance Boys& Girls Club.”

McClendon is a graduate of Greene County High School where he excelled as a student and acquired a love for science. In high school, he played basketball for three years and was offered two college scholarship opportunities to continue his education at Georgia College and Augusta State University. 

Considering his options, McClendon decided to attend the Professional Career Institution in Norcross, Georgia where he earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. After completing his degree, he returned to Greensboro and dedicated 20 years to the Lake Country.

His professional profile attracted an opportunity at Reynolds, which capitulated him to his dream job -a hotel manager for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Lake Oconee. During his time in hotel management at Lake Oconee, his focus remained on youth development. He cultivated a program for Greene County High School students to offer them an opportunity to experience workforce development at Reynolds Lake Oconee. McClendon has won numerous high-profile awards, such as the Five Star of the Year Award and a Malcolm Bridge Award nominee by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. 

McClendon's managerial experience also includes working in real estate with the Reynolds Family where he learned a great deal about salesmanship, community service and marketing. He spent some time as a personal assistant, which he used to increase his management skills. 

What has centered McClendon’s drive throughout his 20-year career in Lake County are the youth. He observed a trend of youth falling short in their educational pursuits and decided he had a responsibility to be a part of the change. He donated his time, talent and treasure back to his hometown. 

“I discovered the need for positive male mentors in my hometown,” McClendon said. “I soon became a mentor for the Greene County School System, as well as Athletic Coordinator for the Recreation Department. I also provided a helping hand to the Lake Oconee Academy, where I coached basketball, soccer and softball.”

After spending more time in the community, McClendon transitioned to volunteering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia and for four years under the guidance of Mr. Bob Mackey, serving as a dedicated staff member at the Pete Nance Club and the Interim Director of the Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club. 

Currently, McClendon is the assistant girls’ basketball coach at Lake Oconee Academy and the Director of Player Development. His hobbies include: spending time with his family, attending church, watching movies, reading, swimming, playing basketball, and cooking. He is also currently pursuing a degree in Sports and Recreation Management with a minor in Psychology. Mr. McClendon believes it is very important for all youth to pursue their dreams passionately and take their education seriously by being engaged in educational activities and taking full advantage of the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club because it is one of the keys to their overall success! Stacy been married to his best friend Janet, for over 22 years. He is blessed to have three amazing children Stacy, Destiny, and Ryan. 

Stacy McClendon will assume his duties with the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club effective April 1, 2019. Brad Parr, the current director has been promoted to Director of Operations for the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia. 

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BGCNCG Youth Named Semi-Finalist at State Comp


Griggs “shines” a message of positivity 

Ricquaria Griggs believes in empowering others – it’s a message she’s been spreading since joining Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club in 2012. It was there within the walls of her Boys & Girls Club that she found her inner voice and confidence to start sharing her positivity. And, it was on stage at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Georgia Youth of the Year competition she heard her inner voice say, “I’m here.”


‘Here’ was hearing her name being called as a semi-finalist in the state-wide competition, where she competed against more than 30 youth from Georgia Clubs. 

The statewide competition was a three-day competition, which consisted of interviews, essays and speeches focusing on how Boys & Girls Clubs impacted the youth.

For Griggs, the impact was easy to name – “the Club taught me to love myself and how I can in return take that love and give it to my community.”


And even though she didn’t take home the title of state-wide Youth of the Year, Griggs keeps echoing two words, “I’m here.”

“After the winner was announced a fellow Youth of the Year said to me, ‘but, I’m here’ and I couldn’t help but reflect on the meaning of those two words for my life and my future,” she shared. “Wherever I am meant to be and whatever I am truly meant to pursue, I will get there because I was here – because this Club and organization believed in me and because I believed in myself.”

Among those gathered to support Ricquaria was Greene County High School Principal, James Peek, who shared his excitement in her successes. 

“It has been a tremendous experience attending this Youth of the Year ceremony. We at Greene County High School are very proud of Ricquaria’s accomplishments,” he shared. “She is an outstanding student and tremendous leader in our community. I know that she is on the path to do great things in the future.”

For Mike Conrads, a Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia advisory board member and donor toward the Youth of the Year program, watching Ricquaria grow was an immense honor to participate in. 


“Shine is the word – Ricquaria is amazing,” he shared. “She’s such a great representative and she truly has her act together. She knows where she’s going, so humble and just a wonderful spirit. It’s been wonderful to watch her grow through this last year.”

Conrads added, “She’s going to be a superstar in the future – she already is.”

“She’s going to be leader and she is going to come back to our community and give back – that’s her.”


During the course of the last year, Ricquaria was been named Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year, as well as the organization wide Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia Youth of the Year. Her accomplishments are marked by her unrelenting dedication to grow as a leader, as well as an individual. 

Bob Mackey, President & CEO of BGCNCG, said “We are so proud of Ricquaria. She truly lives and breathes our mission statement in her own community efforts to ensure every youth reaches their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

“Her accomplishments also echo our core commitment to continue fostering great futures for our youth in North Central, as this marks the second year a youth from our organization was named a semi-finalist in this competition,” he added. “We’re also so grateful for the individuals who helped prepare Ricquaria for this competition. Thank you, Linda and Mike Conrads, June and Michael Tompkins, Terressa and Kim Jensen for helping prep her for the sessions.”


For Ricquaria, her future is bright and sure to be something “amazing.”

“Because of my local Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club and the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, I was given the opportunity to share my story and inspire others along the way,” she shared. “I now have the confidence to keep striving to be successful. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me because I know it is going to be something amazing!”

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Youth of the Year recognition program empowers young people to reach their full potential by providing youth with access to the tools they need to build the great futures they imagine.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia’s vision is to provide a world-class experience that assures success is within reach of every young person who enters its doors.

For more information or to donate, visit If you’d like to get involved, please contact 770-267-8034. 


PNBGC Announces Youths of the Month for March

Celebrating Club Leaders


For Club members at Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club being named Youth of the Month is a high honor. Every month a youth is recognized for modeling their leadership abilities. 

For the month of March, PNBGC named Ja’Layla K. as Youth of the Month 

“Ja’Layla has grown into a leader within the Club by following Club rules and helping out despite being a Club member for only a short period of time,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “Our Youth of the Month is a Club-driven experience that fosters leadership within the Club and Ja’Layla is a shining example of what it takes to be a leader.” 


For the month of March, PNBGC named Ariana R. as Junior Youth of the Month.

“Ariana R. has shown a huge growth in her attitude and takes the initiative to participate in programs and with helping out around the club. Ariana has also show a huge improvement in her grades and behavior,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “Our Youth of the Month is a Club-driven experience that fosters leadership within the Club and Ariana is a shining example of where a positive attitude can take you.”

PNBGC members read with a helping paw


Reading is a crucial part of childhood development and according to the National Education Association, reading doesn’t just impact verbal and written skills, but mathematics as well. 


With these statistics in mind, Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members are currently engaged in a fun-filled program where children practice reading to their best fur friends. 

K-9 Angels is a reading program with Canine Assistants service dogs and volunteers geared to help Club members practice reading skills and become more confident in their ability to read.

“Our Club members really look forward to the dogs coming into our Club,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “Most of our youth seem to naturally love animals - especially dogs. Imagine the joy and excitement this gives to the members as they read to the dogs. They’re less focused on feeling uncomfortable reading in front of their peers and more engaged in reading their stories to their new-found fur friends.”

Club member, Kayden D., shares she loves reading books to her favorite dog Memphis.

“Memphis loves any book I read to him and it’s a lot of fun to reading to the dogs,” she shared. 

Richbow says that since the K-9 Angels program arrived to Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, Club members have exceeded their growth in NWEA MAP reading. Currently, 80 percent of members participate in this program.

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, visit call 706-920-1400. 

Volunteering to see ‘positive impacts’


Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club volunteer Carol Kuhn sees the Club as an asset to Greene County’s community its families – that’s why she’s committed to being in the youth’s lives at the Club. Whether its tutoring during Power Hour or listening to younger Club members share their dreams, Carol knows it’s important to be present. 

“There’s no better way to make a difference in a child’s life than personal interaction and genuine interest in them,” she shared. “I see PNBGC as a needed resource to help offer that interaction and support and that’s why I keep giving back here – I want to continue to see that positive impact in our youth.”

When asked about an impactful moment to choose from Kuhn said it’s every day moments that tug on her heart strings. 

“During a one-to-one tutoring session with a high school student, I was able to connect with her on something she was having a difficult time understanding,” she said. “We were able to get her caught up in that one session so when she returned to class the next day she was on the same page with her fellow classmates. Being able to help that Club member was such a privilege and joy.”

Volunteering at the Club, for Kuhn, helps offer moments like this to Club members every day and gives members and even larger support group of adults cheering them on. 

“This Club is building better futures and instilling character-building qualities into its youth,” she shared.

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club visit, call 706-920-1400.


PNBGC teens tours Georgia College



College is an important next step for many teens approaching their junior year of high school. For the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club teens and tweens college preparation is a daily part of their conversation amongst peers and staff members, as a part of the Diplomas 2 Degrees program. During their winter break, youth of PNBGC visited Georgia College.


“Our teens were able to observe anactive campus atmosphere while learning about the requirements and responsibilities expected of first-year students,” Brad Parr, PNBGC Director shared. “They also received an extensive overview of tuition requirements, housing options, majors offered, meal plans, intramural sports and extracurricular activities available at Georgia College.”

For Club member Annie H. walking around Georgia College’s campus was exciting, as she imagined what being a college student would look like after graduation. 

“We got the opportunity to walk around campus, which was exciting because we got to see college students going to classes and hanging out around campus. The tour guide showed us the dorm rooms, apartments, classrooms, recreational center, library and The Max,” she shared. 

More importantly Annie noted that she enjoyed learning how you pick your classes and where you can receive tutoring. 

“It’s important to me to visit colleges, so I can have ideas about going to college and what college life is like,” she said. 

Other Club members enjoyed the in-depth look at the cost for college, which instilled the important of obtaining good grades in high school for potential scholarships opportunities.

“I loved touring the library and learning about class structures, as well as receiving credit for tutoring – it seems this school really cares about you succeeding,” Club member Adarius W shared. “I was also surprised to learn about the bus service on campus and loved the basketball gym.”

Ultimately, the goal for college visits are to help PNBGC teens and tweens, not only dream about their future, but discover ways to work toward their goals.

“We want our teens to succeed any everything they set their minds to and for some college can be truly a daunting new adventure,” Parr said. “Our program Diplomas 2 Degrees focuses on elevating the fear of college, while helping our teens file applications, practice interviewing and discuss where they may want to pursue a higher education past high school.”

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PNBGC Honors Community Supporters


“You are the lifeblood of what we do,” Mike O’Neal, Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club Advisory Board President said to over sixty donors and volunteers gathered at Da Corrado Ristorante. The occasion was to celebrate the gifts given in 2018 and the gifts collectively the community can give by staying present in youths lives in 2019.

 “Time, talent and treasures are the gifts donors and volunteers offer to the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club,” he said. “Many of you have offered all three of these elements to our youth and cause. For me, this year my focus is on what’s best for our young people.”

O’Neal shared that he knew each of those gathered shared this sentiment and commitment to youth. 

The luncheon was comprised of businesses, donors, volunteers and staff members of Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club. It was the largest amount for PNBGC Donor and Volunteer Luncheon, which O’Neal said was a testament to the growth of those involved and seeing the need for changing lives in Greene County. 


Brad Parr, PNBGC Director, shared a few words before awards were given at the celebration luncheon. 

Parr stressed the importance of community backing and thanked those present for being part of an exciting year at PNBGC.


“In 2018 we increased our academic focus and added several new programs to our Club,” he shared. “Our First Tee program grew tremendously, and we were able to offer our youth a golfing experience at Harbor Club, which for many youths was a highlight for them.”

Parr said, “We are looking forward to continuing to bring on board new programming, which engage our youth in unique ways for positive outcomes.”


Past PNBGC Advisory Board President, Jim Liebeck, took over the celebration to present awards.

Those who received awards were:

·     Business Partner of the Year – Harbor Club

·     Volunteer of the Year – Don Loft

·     Board Member of the Year -Millicent Zamirowski

·     Rookie of the Year – Bill Graden

·     Special Honoree of the Year – Kara Latz

Board members who are retiring from the PNBCG board were also honored at the luncheon. Those board members were:

·     Dottie Suggs

·     Paul Connolly

·     Jennifer Lackey 

·     Norm Agran 

Last but not least, Da Corrado Ristorante was honored for stepping in to help continue facilitating Thursday Dinners at the Club where youth get to experience different cuisines. 

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BGCNCG Youth of the Year headed to Atlanta


Ricquaria Griggs, the 2019 Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia Youth of the Year, has been busy preparing for her state competition debut in Atlanta where she’ll compete against Boys & Girls Club members from across Georgia. 

In order to qualify for the state competition, Ricquaria was required to complete three essays, collect three recommendation letters, prepare a 3-minute speech, and complete an extensive packet. On March 4th, she will give her speech and participate in a 12-minute interview for the chance to be named Boys & Girls Clubs of Georgia’s Youth of the Year. In addition to her $1,500 of scholarship funding she has already been awarded, she will have the chance to win up to $7,000 of additional scholarship funds if she is named the state winner.

“All of Ricquaria’s hard work is with the intent for her to compete and be named the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Youth of the Year,” Brad Parr, Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club director and Youth of the Year Coordinator for BGCNCG. “Each year, one exceptional Club member is selected to be the National Youth of the Year where they serve as an ambassador for Boys & Girls Club. Ricquaria echoes the characteristics and work ethic that the Youth of the Year program stands for – we are so proud of her.”

In preparation, Griggs has been giving her speech to local organizations in Greene County and amongst her Club peers. She’s also been working with community members on her interview skills.

“Youth of the Year is the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s signature effort to foster a new generation of leaders, fully prepared to live and lead in a diverse, global and integrated world economy,” Parr shared. “In the 21st-century world and workplace, leadership skills such as communication, goal-setting and teamwork are essential for everyone - especially young people preparing to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. Ricquaria is such a bright young woman and we are thrilled to support her in her journey to the state competition.”

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club or Youth of the Year Ricquaria Griggs, visit or call 706-920-1400.

PNBGC Teens Engage in Entrepreneurship


Money Matters Course Underway 

Can you remember the first time you saw a budget for your money? How about using a calculator to figure out how much to tip at a restaurant? What about forming a business plan as a teenager?


 That’s exactly what the teens and tweens of Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club are doing right now – learning how to build a business. As a part of a financial geared program, Money Matters, is underway at PNBGC to help educate teens on the importance of money management and wise choices. 

 Recently, the teens presented their very own entrepreneurship ideas to their peers.

“A major part of this program is teaching entrepreneurship,” Asia Mitchell, Teen Coordinator & PNBGC Alum member shared. “Our teens are going over the different career paths they could pursue, as for many Club members, owning a business is something they’re very interested in.”

 Mitchell said that this recent project gave “Club members the ability to research a business idea that interests them and develop a business plan. They reviewed their target market, demographic served, how much launching their business would cost and how to obtain a steady flow of income.”

 Businesses the teens created ranged from a smart watch that checks blood sugar levels for diabetes patients and a security system for your smart phone.   

“The Club youth have been learning the value of having a plan in place,” she said. “They’ve worked with balancing budgets and sticking to their overall business plan to become successful owners.”

Christian S, an seventh grader at PNBGC, said his favorite part about this project was “brainstorming ideas to make a resource that can help people with improving their health."

"In the Entrepreneurship Program I learned how to plan, organize and explain things," he shared. “The one thing that stuck out to me was being able to explain my invention to our peers, while being able to hear their thoughts and feedback was such a great feeling.”

Aaron S., an eighth grader at PNBGC, said “I learned I need to improve my organizational skills and that I enjoy thinking of ways to create my own business.”


“We got to get a taste of what it is like to present in front of a big crowd and it mattered to me because everyone should be able to express their ideas publicly, “Aaron shared. “Our Club peers embraced our ideas and that was fun.”

 “Our Club youth have loved this project so much because it’s so hands on and requires them to dig deep for new ideas,” Brad Parr, PNBGC Club Director shared. “It’s one of the many programs we have at our Club that challenges our youth to go outside their comfort zone and see the potential inside of themselves to become something unique in their adult lives.”

The Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club teens & tweens will continue their Money Matters courses for the remainder of the school year. 

To learn more about PNBGC, visit call 706-920-1400. 


PNBGC Members Win Big at Science Fair


Celebrating Learning 

For Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club education is a critical component of a youth’s growth into a successful adult. Club members are encouraged to pursue their passions while at the Club and recently for three Pete Nance Club members their efforts paid off with big wins at the Green County School System Science fair. 

 Club member Jamiyah B. was awarded first place for her project on Hydroponics vs. Soil and Club members Tiejah D. and Shayla P. were awarded second place for their project on Sinkless Sand.

PNBGC Science 1.jpg

These three Club members have advanced to the Regional Science Fair at Northeast Georgia RESA, located in Athens, GA. 

“I’ve been a member of Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club since I was five-years-old,” Jamiya shared. “My favorite program here at PNBGC is Smart Girls and Career Launch, which I feel have offered me so many engaging lessons that have helped informed my decisions about everyday situations and looking toward the future.”

 Jamiyah said that this year what’s impacted her most so far has been the Club’s help in encouraging her to be strong, not back down and go after her goals – like winning at the Science Fair. 

 “I’m learning new things every week here, “she said. “And, I get to do this learning with my friends and participate in interesting conversations during our programs.”

 Jamiyah says, “I feel like the members of the Club are so lucky to have a place to be in the afternoon that is safe and fun. I’m so glad my Club is here.”

 Cynthia Sumer, who is the education coordinator for Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, is over joyed for her Club members accomplishments.

 “Watching our youth transform is my favorite part of being a part of this Club, “She shared. “Jamiyah, for example, has gained so much confidence in her ability to make mindful choices. She is maturing into an individual who believes she can make a different now and in the future. And, that’s what we want for our youth – to believe in themselves.”

 To learn more about PNBGC, visit or call 706-920-1400.