Piedmont Water Company Gives to PNBGC 

Piedmont Thank You .jpg

Moonlight & Motown Sounds of Motown Presenting Sponsor

Piedmont Water Company is a family-owned and operated business who holds giving back as an essential part of their foundation. This year Piedmont Water will be supplying hope and promise for Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members with their Sounds of Motown Sponsorship for the Club’s annual event Moonlight & Motown. 

“PNBGC is providing a great service to the community by helping young people grow and giving them life lessons and values that help them to become fine humans,” Adam Shaifer of Piedmont Water Companyshared. “Additionally, we see the amount of time, care and effort volunteers are giving to PNBGC, many of whom are from the Lake Oconee Community - our customers. If it is important to our customers, it should be important to us as well.”

Stacy McClendon, PNBGC Director, shared his gratitude and excitement for the future of this partnership. 

“It’s because businesses like Piedmont Water Company that we are able to continue to supply unique experiences for our youth,” he shared. “We are excited to continue dreaming with Piedmont Water Company as to how we can create those opportunities together.”


Shaifer shared that for Piedmont Water Company, “helping the youth in the communities we serve is a part of our philanthropic goals as a company.”

“We hope that the youth of PNBGC become productive, proud and happy additions to the community we live in or beyond, as they grow into adults,” he added. “The Shaifer family looks forward to supporting PNGRC in strategic ways that help achieve the stated goals of the club, supporting the youth in becoming fine men and women.

Piedmont Water Company was founded in 1992 in the Lake Oconee area to design, construct, own and operate water systems.  We now service more than 30,000 customers in 13 counties across North Georgia. You can learn more about Piedmont Water Company a www.piedmontwater.comor by calling 800-248-7689.     

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club and their signature event Moonlight & Motown, visit www.bgcncg.com/moonlightmotown or call 706-920-1400. Tickets for Moonlight & Motown go on sale Aug. 14 and partnership opportunities are still available.  

Damien Horne Set To Inspire

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National Recording Artist to visit Madison

Boys & Girls Club alumni Damien Horne believes in the power of storytelling and he’s spent his career writing those stories in song. On September 19 he’ll bring those stories to life in his one-man show full of music, storytelling, laughter and ultimately a message of purpose. 

He’ll play at the James Madison Conference Center at 11:30 AM for a fundraiser benefiting the Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 12.03.46 PM.png

"We are all designed uniquely different. And if we tap into who we are, we shine,” Horne shares in his Rise and Shine performance. “The great thing about shining is when you do that you liberate other people to do the same thing."

Horne is an award-winning national recording artist, who has touched the lives of thousands with his heartfelt personal journey. Horne has showcased his act “Rise and Shine” multiple times across Ted Talk stages across the country. 


But his life didn’t always feature music making and meaning making through spoken word. Horne spent a period of his life homeless on the streets busking for income. He was determined to become something through his craft.

Horne happened to be playing when John Rich of Big & Rich passed by and asked him to come to his house for a round of musicians. From there, Horne was signed to MuzikMafia receiving a publishing deal.

Damien has played and recorded with countless acts, such as John Legend, Big & Rich, Lady Antebellum and more. 

damien horne .jpg

On September 19 Damien will bring his popular show to Madison to inspire and help those in attendance unlock their difference maker for the good of the community. 

Damien Horne Ticket
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Tickets for Damien Horne Performs are on sale now at www.bgcncg.com/damienhorne. For more information you can call the MMBGC at 706-342-1117.

Damien Horne Ted Talk


BGC Alum Gives Back at WCBGC

My favorite Staff Mr. Tony.jpg

Everyone’s reason for being involved with a Boys & Girls Club is unique, but it always ends with “because someone cared for me, I want to care for others as well.”

For Antonio Dillard, a Walton County Boys & Girls Club Youth Development Professional, his why is simple, “I’m a product of the Boys & Girls Club. Because of the Club and those who cared for me, I’m here as a successful adult.”

 “I want to provide that support to our youth here in Walton County every day,” he added.

Antonia has been with the movement for a year and currently is the Teen Center Director for the Club.

“We want to ensure that teens have a safe place to go where we encourage our youth to excel in school and at home in becoming productive members of their community,” he shared. “Being an alum myself of the Boys & Girls Club, I know how impactful allowing teens to have responsibility in helping serve in their community can be. That’s why we are constantly looking at new ways to engage our teens in Monroe. From inviting community members in to teach our teens to cook, practice for job interviews and learn new life skills to taking our teens out into the community to serve – we are here to ensure our teens believe the sky is the limit.”

For Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director, having Youth Development Professionals such as Antonia on hand is vital to the success of the Club’s impact. 

“Mr. Antonio goes above and beyond his job duties. He’s always giving our teens the freedom to learn hands on skills while mentoring them in the process,” he shared. “It takes caring individuals such as Antonia to empower our youth and to show them that they’re dreams can indeed become reality. We would love to have more community members join us as volunteers to be a part of this life changing work.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club or to volunteer, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclubor call 770-207-6279.


WCBGC Celebrates Successful Garden Harvest

wC junior gardeners .jpg

Summer brought a gardening adventure for the youth of Walton County Boys & Girls Club. All summer long, Club youth spent time daily tending to their garden in partnership with the Walton County Master Gardeners Club. Youth learned the importance of eating healthy by actively participating in growing their own food for the summer months. 

They recently celebrated their accomplishments with an awards ceremony presented by the Master Gardening Club.


“The Junior Master Gardeners Club were able to see the fruits of their labor at this celebration and were recognized for their hard work, dedication and commitment to the Club over the seven-week program,” Lynn E. Hill, Walton County Boys & Girls Club Director, shared. “Members of the Master Gardening Club, alongside House Representative Bruce Williamson, joined our youth to salute their efforts with a feast from their summer grown vegetables.”

Club members worked alongside Master Gardener mentors to make salsa and chop vegetables for a veggie platter to serve those gathered at the celebration. 

“It was so wonderful to hear each name of our Junior Master Gardeners have their names called during the award ceremony and to see their smiling faces light up,” Hill shared. “They were beaming with pride at their accomplishment and that’s exactly what we desire – for them to have pride in all they do in life.”

 Ellen Wainwright of the Walton County Master Gardeners Club shared how impactful their time with the youth has been for her. 

“The Club youth were always so enthusiastic and engage in every project we brought to them this summer,” she shared. “We worked with the children teaching them about gardening, planting and growing their own vegetables. We harvested our own vegetables and talked about preparing healthy meals. They had the opportunity to make smoothies, salsa, eggplant pizzas, energy bites and burritos out of the vegetables they grew.”

July Gardening Club .jpeg

Wainwright added “watching the youth learn about not only vegetables but what makes a garden successful and sustainable for our environment was such a treat.”

“They learned how a cucumber becomes a pickle,” she shared. “They got to taste different types of peppers and learned about pollinators and their importance in gardening. We even had some beekeepers come and talk. They got to see some bees and how honey is harvested and even tasted the honey.”

 For Mr. Hill, this is what the Club is all about – engaging the youth with community members so we can teach together.

 “The kids that participated in the Junior Master Gardeners Club have been observed smiling, laughing, working as a team and learning something new,” he shared. “It is very important for young people to learn where their food comes from, how to take pride in their community and why it is so important to always strive for comradery, which is why teamwork was a number one factor in them completing their projects this summer.”

 Those projects were beautifying the exterior grounds of the Club with flowers and a garden, sprucing up the area surrounding the mailbox and flagpole and cultivating their vegetables from the garden. 

“In total, over $4,000 in donated plants and supplies were used from our local community to make this summer program possible,” Hill shared. “We are so grateful to the Walton County Master Gardeners Club for giving their time and treasures to teach our youth the art of gardening.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclub or call 770-207-6279.

WC garden.jpg






WCBGC Names Youth of Month for August

 Celebrating our Youth 

Walton County Boys & Girls Clubcelebrates its members and their accomplishments. This month the Club Youth of the Month is Tileauna Tiller.

Tileauna Tiller - eggplant showcase .jpg

Tiller became a member recently during WCBGC’s Summer Programming. 

“Being awarded Youth of the Month was such a surprise and made me feel really special,” Tiller said. “I loved the encouragement I got during Master Gardener’s Class and it helped me to believe in myself.”

Tiller was selected for her growth since coming to the Club and her “never giving up” attitude.

“Tileauna was reluctant to join the Gardening Club. She would tell me that she could not do it. But one day she came over smiling with fresh vegetables in hand and was so proud to show off her eggplant,” Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director shared.“She looked at me, hands out and said, ‘Look what I did!’  The programs we offer our members definitely have a positive impact on their lives.”

Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director, shared that Tileauna engages in every activity with enthusiasm.  

“Her exceptional ability to adapt to a new environment is amazing,” he added.

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclubor call 770-207-6279.

PNBGC Teens Venture to Teen Summit 

pic 4.jpg

Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club teens traveled to Oxford College of Emory University recently for the Georgia Teen Institute Teen Summit. 

PNBGC teens, alongside PNBGC Membership Clerk Ardra Chapman, spent four days with GTI at their residential camp developing leadership skills within Youth Action Teams. 

“I was so blessed to be able to attend the Teen Summit with our amazing teens,” Chapman shared. “In our youth teams we worked through leadership skills to engage in a strategic prevention planning process through workshops, team meeting and team building activities. We worked to plan and implement peer-focused prevention and community service projects.”

Chapman shared that the team meeting sessions taught PNBGC teens the power of working together to solve every day problems as one. 

“My favorite part of our experience at the GTI Teen Summit was the session focusing on the “Power of One,” she shared. “The session was designed to showcase that in everything you do in life you only get out what you put in.”

Chapman also shared that she enjoyed the fact that all the workshops dealt with real life situations that teens and adults face such as drug and alcohol abuse, vaporing, social media use, bullying and depression. 

Sha’Marria LaGuins, a PNBGC teen, shared the “summit was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed meeting new people, the sessions and the workshops.” 

For Chapman being able to watch the Club teens learn real life prevention skills was an amazing experience. 

“Our teens have skills to take back to their peer groups to help work through issues together in a productive manner and that’s incredible.”

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club visit, www.bgcncg.com/petenance or call 706-920-1400.





PNBGC Names Youth of the Month for August 

Ja’Mia, center, spends time with her Club friends.

Ja’Mia, center, spends time with her Club friends.

For Club members at Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club being named Youth of the Month is a high honor. Every month a youth is recognized for modeling their leadership abilities. 

jamia Gresham.jpeg

For the month of August, PNBGC named Ja’Mia Gresham as Youth of the Month.

“Ja’Mia Gresham has always been a well-behaved Club member. She was exceptionally shy at the Club in the beginning,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator shared. “Ja’Mia has grown into a very active Club member who participates in cheerleading and dance. She really brings joy to the Club with her positive attitude and smile.”

“A highlight for me has been watching her step outside of her shell to become a leader within her cheerleading class,” Richbow added. 

Ja’Mia shared that her favorite program was participating in Cheerleading this summer.  

“I enjoy coming to the Club because I get help with my homework, play with friends and learn new skills like cheerleading,” she shared.

For Diedra, watching Ja’Mia bollosom into the leader she is reminds her of the purpose of the Club.

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club visit, www.bgcncg.com/petenance or call 706-920-1400.



Club youth explore Jekyll Island

baot tour.jpg

Thank you Novelis, Inc. for providing this trip to our youth!

Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club recently visited Jeykll Island for an immersive educational experience at 4H Camp Jekyll. The trip was sponsored by Novelis, Inc., who believes in the power of providing STEM education for youth. 

As soon as Club members arrived on the island they became scientist in training spending each day alongside local ecologists of Tidelands Nature Center to learn how beaches are formed, disrupted by weather, the animals who live among the sand dunes and how humans can play a role in protecting the beach wildlife. 


“Members gained insight on howthe moon and the sun control the waves and tides as well as how sand dunes are made and how they act as a protection shield when there is a hurricane,” Diedra Richbow, Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club Programs Coordinator, shared. “The youth were highly interested in beach wildlife, which is why the beach walk at night was such a hit amongst our youth.”

Club members walked the beach from 8 to 9 pm one evening to learn about the activities of animals at night on the beach, such as sea turtles coming up on the beach to bury their eggs.

“After seeing such a feat from the Sea Turtle, Club youth were over the moon to learn they would be learning about them the next day, Richbow added.


Club youth learned about Herpetology at the Tidelands Nature Center and were given the opportunity to touch a turtle, alligator and a snake.

 “The show stopper experience for our youth during their Camp Jekyll experience was the Ecology and Dolphin Boat Tour,” she shared. “Members were taught about the survival of dolphins and their intelligence. Youth participated in a team building activity which involved them throwing a fishing net into the water to catch fish and pulling it out with the net being occupied by all kinds of ocean animals. For many of our Club youth this was the first time they had ever seen a dolphin.” 

“This experience is one our Club youth will remember for the rest of their lives. The youth spent the entire ride home sharing how they were interested in ecology as a career and wanting to visit again,” Richbow shared.

Charity Burnette of Novelis, Inc. shared that Novelis hopes to provide youth in Greene County “STEM education activities that they otherwise wouldn’t get to participate in.”

“A lot of kids in Greensboro have never left the county,” she added. In addition to the STEM activities, we wanted to help the Club youth have an opportunity to travel and experience new things outside of the familiar. We are so thrilled to learn of all they were able to engage with and learn.”  

Stacy McClendon, Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club Director, shared his gratitude for Novelis’ continued partnership with PNBGC.

“Without great partnerships we would be unable to continue to expand the uniquely crafted experiences we offer the youth of Greene County,” he shared. “We are so grateful for Novelis’ vision and dedication to impacting youth through educational efforts alongside us.”

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/petenance or call 770-267-8033



Duck Derby Huge Success for BGCNCG


“Do you think your rubber duck will be the winner” was a common question heard at Porterdale’s Yellow River Park Saturday, as folks enjoyed the second annual Duck Derby hosted by Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia.

Several attended the event to watch over 2,300-rubber ducks float along the Yellow River in a race for $10,000 at the finish line. 


BGCNCG’s summer fundraiser was in partnership with the City of Porterdale and raises funds for youth served in Newton, Greene, Morgan and Walton counties. 

Spectators gathered early to get a place in line to watch the ducks drop, as well as grab last minute lucky ducks for the big race. Youth from the newly opened Newton County Boys & Girls Club helped pep up the crowd as they greeted spectators with Howard the Duck. 


 As the duck launch approached, spectators made their way to the riverbank to watch the race. A large gasp and cheers could be heard as the ducks dropped into the Yellow River for the race of a lifetime. 


Once the finish line was crossed and the winning ducks were pulled, it was time for a grand prize winner announcement.

This year’s $10,000 grand prize winner is Jerry Schonhoft. On Sunday Jerry received his winning phone call and was in shock.

“I was shocked. I’ve never won anything in my life. I was with my grandson, as he was getting a tennis lesson when Bob Mackey gave me a call,” Schonhoft shared. “I remember buying the ticket from Jim Liebeck (Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club board member) and thinking the odds weren’t going to be in my favor, but here I am.”

Schonhoft shared his family is going to be in shock when he gets home with his grand prize check.

“I’m just thrilled,” he added. “I always thought that the Boys & Girls Club was a great place and I really think it’s a great place now.

For Bob Mackey, President and CEO of BGCNCG, watching the North Central Georgia join together to support its youth is inspiring for the future.

“During the event I watched as people met one another and shared their reason for being present. Overwhelmingly the response was ‘or the youth.’ Mackey shared. “It takes a village to ensure our youth become productive citizens while learning life skills they’ll need to be successful. We are so grateful to the community’s relentless support of our mission. The gift you provided our youth with your support will continue to ripple effect in these youth’s lives for years to come.”

Jerry Schonhoft wasn’t the only winner from Duck Derby!

Four other community members took home prizes from the event. Jim Borland won a golf adventure to The Oaks Golf Course, Robert Witchor won Your Pie for a year and Jerry Evans won an iPad mini.

Overall, the event was a success for BGCNCG.

“June (Tompkins’ wife) and I had a big time making new friends and laughing with old friends,” Michael Tompkins, BGCNCG Corporate Board Chair, shared. “The magical benefit was watching our kids, parents and supporters come together dancing and sharing in a fun event.”


Porterdale was happy to host the second annual Duck Derby event.

“The Duck Derby is such a creative way of raising funds for an important cause, allowing the young people of the community to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The City of Porterdale, couldn’t have been more pleased to support the 2ndDuck Derby,” Josephine Kelly, Downtown Development Director, said.“There was a happy enthusiastic crowd in attendance and with the dedicated effort of the Boys and Girls Club and the Porterdale Public Works Department, the event was a great success.”

Mackey added that without great sponsors, such as presenting sponsor Canon and the City of Porterdale for allowing the organization to partner with them – this event wouldn’t have been as successful. 

“The real winners of this event are our youth!”

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia serves over 1,500 youth in North Central Georgia. 

If you’d like to learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia or are interested in getting involved on a local level, visit www.bgcncg.comor call 770-267-8034.


BGCNCG Welcomes Barnesville-Lamar to the Movement

barnesville ground .jpg

Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia celebrated the ground breaking of its newest Club site located in Barnesville, Georgia. Barnesville-Lamar Boys & Girls Club is set to open January 13, 2020 and will serve ages 6 - 18 of Lamar county. 


The Club’s steering committee, along with Lamar county residents and officials, planted their golden shovels into the soil marking the beginning of BLBGC’s journey to become a fully operational Club in 2020. 

“Ten years from now this Club will be a gift that will truly keep on giving. The dedication behind this effort that’s made this ground breaking possible today – and moving forward - will change the environment, trajectory and outlook of youth in Lamar County,” Bob Mackey, President & CEO of BGCNCG shared. “On behalf of the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, we’d like to congratulate your steering committee on the steps taken to change lives forever.”

Joe Edwards, president of United Bank, longtime supporter of Lamar County youth and steering committee chairman of Barnesville-Lamar Boys & Girls Club, shared his excitement to be opening a Club with Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia. 


“Soon it will be five decades that my family and I have been in Lamar county. I’ve worked on a lot of civic projects in those years, but never have I witnessed such a unified support,” Edwards shared. “The county commission is with us, the school board is with us, the Rotatory Club is with us – I’ve never seen so much support and encouragement and we’re here today committing to the youth because of that support.” 

Ron Smith, Lamar County School Board member, added to Edwards’ sentiments.

“We feel very blessed to live in a community like ours with such support for our kids,” Smith said. “We are making a great opportunity available today. A place for kids to be kids, but also a place where they can be guided into adulthood.”

Michael Tompkins, BGCNCG Corporate Board Chairman, concluded that this new addition will continue to give youth “a hand up.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s amazing what we’re doing with these youth,” he said. “We’re giving these kids the tools to access the greatness in this country.”


Boys & Girls Clubs are essential places where youth can develop skills, make lasting connections with mentors, and achieve great futures. Since youth have different experiences and learning styles, Boys & Girls Clubs never take a single approach to helping youth succeed. It takes caring individuals to provide a safe place, and quality programs. This ensures that all youth have a brighter future. 

BLBGC will provide young people a fun, safe and educational space with a fostering environment where they can be who they are—and become who they are meant to be.

To learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia, visit www.bgcncg.com. To learn more about how you can become involved in the Barnesville-Lamar Boys & Girls Club, call 770-267-8034 or visit their Facebook @BLBGC. 

WCBGC partners with NorthEast Georgia Regional Commission for Workforce Development

WIOA Program.jpg

For Ashley Hackel preparing our youth for the workforce is critical to their development as young adults. That’s why for the last year she’s been partnering with the Walton County Boys & Girls Club. And this summer she’s connecting WCBGC Alumni with employment at the Club.

Ashley Hackel .jpg

“I am the Summer Youth Associate of an agency called the NorthEast Georgia Regional Commission for Workforce Development, an organization that forms non-financial worksite agreements with local governments, schools, and non-profit agencies to provide training and serve as worksites for Summer Youth Work Experience participants,” Hackel shared. “The WIOA program with the Boys & Girls Club of Walton County provides the framework for workforce preparation and employment system designed to meet the needs of the local employers, job seekers, and those who want to further their careers.  The Boys & Girls Club of Walton County has been an agency through the Workforce Initiative and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to connect youth and their careers in youth leadership and character development.”

Hackel adds that this partnership has been a wonderful opportunity to provide on the job training to help youth gain the necessary skills and abilities to perform specific tasks and develop desirable work behavior.

“The youth in this program are selected for the Boys & Girls Club through proper interviewing to maintain and certify that participants can develop certain skills and abilities,” she said. 

Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director, said, “This program allows the partnership to have a two-fold effect in the process. The youth, who work in this program can learn through BGC, how to plan and schedule, and create and establish good work ethics.”

“We are so thrilled to have a Club alumnus working with us this summer through our partnership with WIOA,” Hill added. “Destinee Long is an ideal role model for our youth and she’s learning valuable work ethic skill sets while working as a Youth Development Professional, such as scheduling, coordinating programming and directing Club members in activities.”







WCBGC teens learn culinary basics

I'm cooking.JPEG

Walton County Boys & Girls Club teens are learning Culinary basics this summer.

Twin chefs.JPEG

The Culinary Basics course was a week-long project-based learning initiative taught teens the necessary skills in preparing healthy meals for breakfast and lunch. 

The teens did research through the Career Launch Program of the Teen Center to discover workforce opportunities where they could continue their cooking skills. 

Mr. Lynn E. Hill,WCBGC Club Director, said that this summer the Club wanted to find activities that “the Teens in particular would enjoy doing and find it to be fun.  

“The name of this week long activity was dubbed ‘Culinary Basics’ because the Teens can find an alternative to eating a lot of fast foods,” Hill added. “It teaches them how to create good meals with nutritious foods such as carrots, rice, water, and wheat bread. They can develop healthier lifestyles by learning to cook and eat foods properly.” 

WCGGC Club member, Jalen Lemons, shared how these activities helped him get over his fear of not knowing how to cook.

“I never knew that I could actually cook,” he shared. “Thanks to my Teen Director, Ms. Krystal Thomas, I was given the opportunity to learn because I don’t get this chance at home.”

We were really pleased with the outcomes of our first Culinary Basics course, Thomas shared. 

“These activities will continue to be a part of our Career Launch program. We found something that Teens these days would enjoy doing and every Teen was involved.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclub or call 770-207-6279.


WCBGC Names July Youth of the Month

Pool table expert.jpg

Celebrating our Youth 

Walton County Boys & Girls Club celebrates its members and their accomplishments. This month the Club Youth of the Month is Giovanni Hernandez.

Giovanni Hernandez-YOTM June 2019.jpg

Hernandez has been a member of the Club for two years.

“Being awarded Youth of the Month feels like a big deal and I feel really special being seen as an outstanding Club member,” Hernandez said. “I like everything we do at our Club. I love learning new things and the staff here are super fun to be around.”

Hernandez was selected for his growth since coming to the Club and becoming a beacon of what a Club leader looks like for his peers. 

“Giovannie participates in every activity that is given to his age group of Club Members, often showing a leadership in every game, activity, or program,” Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director, shared. “He often tells others in his neighborhood, and as a result, several youths have joined the Club because he has spoken so highly of his local Club. He’s exceptional behavior dubs him the Youth of the Month.”

Lynn E. Hill, WCBGC Director, says he’s seen a change in Hernandez behavior since coming to the Club. 

“As I reflect upon Giovanni, I am elated that the new unanimously agree in selecting him as the Youth of the Month. I have noticed that Giovanni strives really hard to behave and I have also seen him making conscious efforts in every part of the Club,” Hill said. “I have absolutely seen the change in Giovanni’s behavior. When he first arrived at our Club, he was extremely shy and now he has blossomed into a leader amongst his peers. He is one of those kids that you want to have under your care.”

To learn more about Walton County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/waltonclubor call 770-207-6279.


MMCBGC Names July Youth of the Month 


 For Club members at Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club being named Youth of the Month is a high honor. Every month a youth is recognized for modeling their leadership abilities. 

For the month of July, MMCBGC named Jemoriyai ‘Mo’ Colbertas Youth of the Month.

“Mo is a beautiful picture of what strength and resilience look like when the two are joined,” Karen Robertson, Senior Executive Director shared. “Mo walks in the Club each day greeting the staff with a warm smile and hug that reminds me of why the work we do is so important. It has reconnected me to the mission of the Boys & Girls Club as I watch Mo take on leadership and showing initiative in the Club.”  

Mo shared that her favorite program this summer is Brain Gain.

"When I'm at the Club I learn new things, such as new words and their meaning during Brain Gain,” she shared. “I also learn about new careers when we have speakers come to the Club and I have fun."

Mo shared she also enjoys the hip hop dance program, which was a collaboration with Pointe of Grace Dance Academy by Katie Anderson, owner of Pointe of Grace.  

“I love music and love to dance, so the Hip Hop dance class gives me a chance to do that with my friends,” she added.

MMCBGC volunteer and mentor to Mo, Chris Hodges, shared how he feels Mo’s confidence has tripled.

“The characteristics that she is exhibiting are indicative of her experiences at the Boys & Girls Club,” he shared. “She is showing an interest in growing her leadership skills and the Boys & Girls Club offers her an opportunity to learn about the universe!”

To learn more about Madison-Morgan County Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/mmcor call 706-342-1117.





NCBGC members learn about positive relationships 


Teen members of Newton County Boys & Girls Club are learning about their authentic selves and how to maintain healthy relationships through Smart Girls.

Since the Club’s opening on June 3, the teens of NCBGC have begun working through the Boys & Girls Clubs of America program called Smart Girls, which utilizes dynamic sessions with highly participatory activities to help young girls build positive relationships with peers and adults, as well as healthy eating habits. 

“Through activities, field trips and mentoring opportunities with adult women in our community, our teen girls are becoming confident in their own bodies, learning how to respect themselves and others,” Nakita Williams, NCBGC Director, shared. “The ladies have been learning about self-esteem and building sisterhood together.”

 Williams added, “This program is educational and fun because our teens have an opportunity to bond with other peers, as well as discuss issues and topics that are important to them. While participating in activities such as a hair braiding camp, making tutus and keychains.”

Saree Durham, NCBGC teen member, shared she loves coming to the Club to spend time with her girlfriends learning about communication and relationships that benefit instead of harm. 

“The ladies have created an atmosphere where they are able to help each other, they have created and built friendships with each other,” Williams said.

To learn more about Newton County Boys & Girls Club visit, www.bgcncg.com/newtoncounty or call 470-444-1914.



NCBGC Names Youth of the Month for July


For Club members at Newton County Boys & Girls Club being named Youth of the Month is a high honor. Every month a youth is recognized for modeling their leadership abilities. 

For the month of July, NCBGC named Hayden Comeau as Youth of the Month.

Mr. Jalen, NCBGC staff member with Hayden.

Mr. Jalen, NCBGC staff member with Hayden.

“Hayden has grown since our Club opening, as he has become a great leader inside our Club,” Nakita Williams, NCBGC Director shared. “He’s always willing to lend a helping hand and has really taken to our lessons within his Passport2Manhood program. He’s learned to step outside of his comfort zone and interact with different people.”

Hayden shared that his favorite program is Passport2Manhood.

“I appreciate the activities and the hands-on opportunities to learn,” he shared. “I’ve really liked being viewed as a leader within the Club and a team player. We’ve been learning a lot about how to build trust and responsibility.”

He added, “I feel like I have people here I can look up to and care about me.”

To learn more about Newton County Boys & Girls Club visit, www.bgcncg.com/newtoncountyor call 

PNBGC have blast during Novelis STEM Camp 


For the month of June, engineers and interns from Novelis spent time with Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members for STEM Camp every Monday and Thursday. 

Alongside PNBGC volunteers, Novelis helped Club members explore science and technology through hands-on experiments. 


“Learning through experimentation is so very important. It affords the members the opportunity to be curious and explore to find answers to their questions,” Diedra Richbow, PNBGC Program Coordinator, shared. “Participating in hands-on learning builds our Club members’ confidence and allows them to expand on their natural curiosity.”

To help cultivate that natural curiosity, Club members kept a journal throughout their month-long camp experience. They took notes on each module, lesson learned and aspect of the experiences that stuck on to them. 

PNBGC member, Jodryn Chaffin, shared “I loved being creative during the experiments and testing ideas to see if they would work.”

Markecia Reid, a Club member, stated that the magnet experiments were fun and she learned something new.

“We are so grateful for Novelis and the volunteers who helped with this month-long camp. Those volunteers were: Ulises Trejo, Brett Reeves, Heather Riley, and Nick Callies.

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PNBGC learn basketball skills from Robert Swain 

swain group pnc.jpg

Robert Swain, premier Basketball coach and owner of Swain Basketball Academy recently taught Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club members.

Club members participated in a one-day camp learning dribbling drills, shooting techniques and passing drills. 

swain pnc .jpg
Swain and Denver.jpg

“Robert is a well-respected leader around many areas,” Stacy McClendon, PNBGC Director shared. “He provides wisdom, courage, discipline and guidance to the younger generation.”

During his visit, McClendon shared, “he showed our youth many ways of how to never give up, keep their heads above water and always stay positive.”

“My favorite quote that he shared with our youth was ‘own the moment,’ which in my mind means to never settle and take advantage of every opportunity.”

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Greensboro City Council member Jontavius Smith joins PNBGC Board  

Jontavius smith.jpg


Greensboro City Council member Jontavius Smith wants to make a difference in Greene County. For Jontavius “giving is one of the best forms of servitude” and he’s looking forward to giving his time and treasures to the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club board.

“I for one was excited when I heard the news of Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club coming to our city. It’s an honor to now become an active member of the Club board for PNBGC,” Smith shared. “Any opportunity to offer hope is dear to me, therefore, I’m honored to have been given the chance to partner with support and serve alongside others who have a likeminded vision about our youth.”

When looking for opportunities to give back toward, it wasn’t hard for Smith to establish that PNBGC indeed plays a vital role in the youth of Greene County. 

“There are countless testimonies attesting to how fundamental the Boys & Girls Club has been. Celebrities abroad but equally as important, the local celebrities within each community. By local celebrities I mean our youth,” he shared. “I have been and still am of the belief that given positive and constructive alternatives, we are able to improve the outcome of our community through our youth.” 

Stacy McClendon, PNBGC Club Director, shared his excitement for Smith. 

“I am very excited about the great possibilities and potential that Jontavius Smith will bring to our Club board,” he said. “He will bring great enthusiasm and poise to his position. I am looking forward to working closely with Jontavius, as we continue the work of helping our youth here in Greensboro reach their full potential as productive and caring citizens.”

As for Smith, he’s looking forward to the new perspective of looking through the eyes of Greene County’s youth. 

“Being a board member affords me the chance to look through a different set of lenses. I look forward to embracing the opportunity to learn and gain a new perspective on our community through the eyes and lives of our youth. The world is becoming more and more challenging for them,” he said. “They hold the future in their hands and sometimes all a youth needs to know is they matter. I’d love to positively impact every single young one in our community, however, given the chance to provide such hope to at least one of them, I’d be extremely grateful. This is what I look forward to most being a board member.”

Jontavius is the son of a single mother, who he says, “did a phenomenal job making sure her son didn’t become a statistic.” 

“She instilled the meaning of respect and giving is better than receiving. She made sure I understood that you get back what you put in. Those amongst a plethora of foundational principles stuck with me,” he added.

Jontavius and his mother own Mapp’s Personal Care. He’s active in his church, as well as within his family. 

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/petenance or call 706-920-1400.



Greene County Resident Raquel Cobb Joins PNBGC Board

Cobb .jpg

Community member Raquel Cobb wants to make a difference in Greene County. It’s important to her to give back to the community that raised her. She’ll be joining the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club to do just that – giving back to the future of Greene County. 

“I want to be active in the community that provided so much to me when I was a student in the Greene County School System,” Cobb shared. “By being on the Club board for the Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, I’m helping the Club continue to provide more students the opportunities and experiences I received in school that helped to lay the foundation for me.”

When looking for opportunities to give back toward, it wasn’t hard for Cobb to establish that PNBGC indeed plays a vital role in the youth of Greene County. 

“I believe the PNBGC provides a safe and productive place for our youth and molds them to become better students and ultimately responsible adults. Hopefully, after graduation, these students will return to the community to sustain and influence Greene County in a positive way,” she shared.

Stacy McClendon, PNBGC Club Director, shared his excitement for Cobb.

“I am very excited about the great possibilities and potential that Raquel Cobb will bring to our Club board,” he said. “She will bring great enthusiasm and poise to her position. I am looking forward to working closely with Raquel, as we continue the work of helping our youth here in Greensboro reach their full potential as productive and caring citizens.”

As for Cobb, she can’t wait to interact with Club youth.

“I am most looking forward to interacting with the Club members and sharing any opportunities that will prepare them academically or socially.”

Cobb is a 2011 graduate of Greene County High School and currently the Marketing Manager at BankSouth. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Clemson University and a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. Locally, she has been involved in community camps, the Greene County Back-to-School Bash, and ATLAS Ministry. Other community involvement includes volunteering with hurricane relief projects and non-profit organizations benefitting small children and school-aged children, as well as completing Leadership Oconee.

To learn more about Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club, visit www.bgcncg.com/petenance or call 706-920-1400.