54% of our alumni said the club saved their life.

Club Member Testimonials

A young man with a beaming smile holding a microphone

“If I hurt, the Club hurts. The Club has helped me, guided me and praised me in my accomplishments. When I cry, I knew I always had a shoulder to lean on– a big shoulder – and that shoulder is the Club. I found my happy place and that’s in the Club.”

- MMBGC Member, Josh W.

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Letter Of Thanks From Our CEO

CEO Bob Mackey

Every child deserves a place to feel safe, to be heard, connected and a place they feel belonging. Today with your gift you have continued a mission that began over 150 years ago with the first Boys & Girls Club. No matter which Club our youth enter here with Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia they will leave with the knowledge, tools and character to foster brighter futures in themselves and generations to come!

- Bob Mackey, CEO & President of BGCNCG

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